Simple DIY Home Decor Projects

Putting your time and energy into your home can have some beautiful results. Not only is something feeling new and fresh, but it has you within it—it’s personalized and unique because you did the work yourself. The following will explore some easy ideas for DIY home decor projects you can do yourself. Special attention will be paid to projects that are on the easier side of DIY.

Easy DIY Home Decor

Grow Some Green

Having plants or other natural features in your home is definitely a DIY home decor project (you’ll be watering them, after all), but it’s so much more than that. Homes with plants on the windowsills and wherever else there’s bright light are welcoming, refreshing, and healthy. Not only do houseplants boost your mood, but they also clean the air, meaning everyone will actually enjoy your space more as they’ll feel happy, comfortable, and clear-headed. If you’re nervous about being able to care for a plant, consider getting a spider plant. They’re inexpensive and very hearty—they’ll thrive even if you overwater them.


Build A Fire Pit

Yes, this refers to outdoor decor (please don’t build a fire pit inside your home), but a fire pit can change the way you use your yard. This is definitely one task you want to research a tad before you start it, just to be sure you’re following proper safety precautions. JustDIY has an article detailing the process. You’re also going to want to look up if there are any restrictions on burning in your county. Some townships require you to get a burn license (this is usually very inexpensive), and some have burn bans during droughts and other times of the year where a fire is more likely to spread.

Change Your Lightbulbs

Even the most novice DIYer can manage to change a few lightbulbs. Over time, the lights in our home can get dull and weak, but this happens, so slowly we don’t notice it. There’s also a much wider variety of lightbulb shades than you might first think, and boy oh boy, can the tint of your lightbulbs change up the mood of your space. Fresh daylight can make a space feel breezy and inviting; a softer glow with a hint of orange can make a space feel cozy and cuddly. Why do you think lighting is such a crucial part of filmmaking? It’s what highlights a scene or what casts in shadow; it changes the entire feeling.

As a bonus, swapping out your lightbulbs for energy-efficient models can save you a nice chunk of change when it comes time to pay your utility bill. Take things up an extra notch by working with dimmable light switches. This will help reduce the amount of energy you use overall.

Check out these simple DIY home decor projects that you can easily do within your home today!

Final Thoughts on DIY Home Decor

The above ideas can all get the DIY ball rolling. Once you see how easy it is to tweak your home with your own two hands, you might not want to stop. It’s crucial that you don’t attempt to tackle electrical work or plumbing work if you’re not feeling confident with the task. These types of projects require you to meet building code standards if you want your home to be somewhere you’re legally allowed to live in.

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