DIY Bedroom Makeover

Some people prefer the help of a professional to get their bedroom redecorated. Well, they prefer to use other people to get pretty much any room in the home redecorated. Doing it this way might mean that it gets done a little more professionally, but it does mean you’re spending a heck of a lot of money when things could be so much cheaper. One of the easiest rooms to redecorate is the bedroom, so here’s a DIY bedroom makeover idea for you that we know you’re going to love.

bedroom makeover


DIY Bedroom Makeover



Start With The Basics


The first thing you need to is strip all the walls of wallpaper if you have them. If you want to get the job done cleaner and quicker, your best option is to use a steamer. The wallpaper should just fall away making it much easier to redecorate. If you try and do it by hand you’re only going to be left with strands of the wallpaper getting in the way. You then need to use a sander to make sure all the walls are flat, this prevents any bubbling and helps to make sure the walls look as flat as possible. Another option is to add liquid fabric softener to a spray bottle of water. Spraying this mixture on your remaining paper after steaming allows for easier removal.

If you’re deciding to have new carpet and want to save time, you can easily rip up the carpet yourself. From there you just need to clear the room of the things you don’t want and make sure that everything you are keeping, such as the bed, is covered with some sort of sheet to prevent any spillages or anything ruining it. The hint of the day, if you had wallpaper on your wall previously then it’s best to use wallpaper again, paint just doesn’t sit right on a wall that was once wallpapered usually.

DIY bedroom makeover


Find Your Style


There are two styles we’re going to quickly talk about for your bedroom makeover. You’ve got the style of the decor, and the style of sleep that you wish to have. So, the type of sleep that you have massively depends on the type of mattress that you have. Some people are just not suited to certain types. You’ve got the people who need their mattress to be as firm as a rock. And you’ve got the people who prefer it to be soft and squishy. What you can do is check out to see if the style of a memory foam mattress might suit you. You won’t realize how much a mattress can actually change the type of sleep you have until you find a mattress that suits you.


As for the decor, there’s plenty of places that you can get information from. The two main being Instagram and Pinterest. One of the most popular designs at the minute is the Hygge grey and white look. It’s so simplistic yet effective, everyone is hyping about it at the moment. Look through all the images and options and find a style that matches both your home and your personality.

DIY bedroom makeover


Grabbing A Bargain


If you’re doing the decorating yourself, always make sure you’re finding yourself a bargain. The best place to do this is either through the internet and independent sites or even going to thrift stores. There are so many antique possessions you can get from there that will look lovely. You may be surprised how much something someone else is no longer wanting can be exactly what you need for your new bedroom makeover.  Everything from blankets and throw pillows to nic-nacs is available and are affordable. Have fun with it.

DIY bedroom makeover


Doing a DIY Bedroom makeover can be challenging to get started. But once you decide on a style the opportunities are limitless. Enjoy your decorating venture and make your bedroom everything you want it to be.


Do you have some suggestions on doing a DIY Bedroom makeover? Please add your comments below.


Doing your own DIY Bedroom makeover can be challenging. Once you decide on your style, the fun begins.



  1. I like to visit garage sales to grab stuff that can potentially be a good fit for my bedroom. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! I’ve found quite a few bargains this way!

    1. Author

      That’s awesome Jess, I love garage sales, yard sales and especially thrift stores! Half of everything I have decorated my entire home with is from the thrift store!
      And it is a great way to save money too! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

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