DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tips: A Little Help from the Pros

Are you ready for some DIY Bathroom remodeling ideas?

The current housing market is incredibly favorable for sellers at the moment. Many homeowners are taking advantage of high home prices. However, any good real estate agent would attest to the importance of undertaking some renovation projects before selling your home. 

One of the most important rooms to update for the best return on investment? The bathroom. Prospective buyers are on the hunt for updated, modern bathrooms, so you’ll want to impress in this area. You can buy a teak shower bench for your bathroom if you have small kids or elderly using it.

If you don’t have the funds to hire professionals to handle the whole remodel, don’t worry. Keep reading to find out how to save money with DIY bathroom remodeling ideas

Modern Black bathroom with Paneled wooden walls

Paint the walls, vanity and vinyl floors 

While this seems basic, painting your walls prior to selling will increase your home’s value despite the relatively small monetary investment. Likewise, giving your vanity and vinyl floors a fresh coat of pain will transform the outdated bathroom into a more clean and modern space. 

Pick a neutral color for the walls and vanity. Be sure to thoroughly clean and lightly sand the floor to ensure the paint sticks. You probably don’t want to choose the exact same color for the walls, vanity, and floors. But don’t go too crazy with the color. Remember, you’re painting the walls to sell — not for your own personal tastes. 

Neutral color bathroom

Swap out the faucet

Switching out a vanity faucet is fairly simple plumbing work. However, homeowners could spend up to $500 in labor costs by going with a professional.

While many people think replacing a faucet is too complicated to do by themselves, it’s actually rather straightforward. 

There are plenty of handy, step-by-step guides found on the internet. DIYers should always check the manufacturer’s instructions for installation how-to’s. 

Switch outdated faucets for trendy brass or matte black fixtures for an instant, modern update. 

New vanity faucet

Replace the toilet

Replacing a toilet — or at least a toilet seat — immediately improves your bathroom’s style and efficiency. Not to mention, toilets made before 1992 typically use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, compared to the 1.6 gallons of today’s toilets. 

Environmentally minded buyers will appreciate the upgrade. So you’ll most likely see this investment returned to you in the closing price. Not to mention, a toilet is a relatively inexpensive purchase, and the project isn’t too challenging. 

You’ll want to have a partner on hand to help with the grunt work. But there’s no need to hire professionals in order to ditch the faux wood lid or kitschy crochet toilet cover with new modern fixtures. 

new modern toilet

Leave it to the pros

We all love to save money on DIY projects. But never tempt fate by taking on projects best suited for professionals. When homeowners attempt to save money by doing certain bathroom remodeling jobs themselves, they’ll only end up forfeiting more money when professionals are forced to come in later to solve the mess. 

The pros are pros for a reason, and, sometimes, you’ll have to rely on them. For example, electrical work should always be left to licensed professionals — ask any contractor and they’ll tell you the same. Shoddy electrical work can pose risk of electrocution or starting a fire, so always hire an electrician. 

In addition, waterproofing and structural changes should also be left to the pros. There are lots of long-term repercussions if you don’t waterproof your bathroom correctly. Updating the structure of a room improperly could severely damage your home’s structure, especially if you’re dealing with load-bearing walls. 
Once you’re done, feel free to contact a real estate agent. Then start searching for a new home once you’re ready to sell yours for a great price!

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