How To Ditch the Dinginess in Your Home

We spend so much time and effort making our homes look nice, and plenty of natural light coming in can certainly make the rooms look their best. But if you struggle for light or find that your house looks dingier than you’d like, here are some ways to lighten ditch the dinginess.


A dark house

How To Ditch the Dinginess in Your Home



Remove any Trees Blocking the Light


Trees are a wonderful addition to the garden, they bring greenery, sometimes even flowers or fruit. They provide shade and generally make the space look nice. However, if the trees in your garden were poorly planned and planted in the wrong place, it can be bad news for your home.


Trees too close to the house can not only cause issues where the roots break up foundations and cause subsidence, but they can also block out light too. In most cases, large trees close to buildings should be removed if you want to avoid this. Speak to a company like Scottsdale tree trimming and see what they recommend, whether you could get away with reducing the size of the tree or if it’s best to be taken out. 


If you struggle for light or find that your house looks dingier than you’d like, here are some ways to lighten ditch the dinginess.


Trees around a house contribute to the dinginess


Paint the Walls a Light, Neutral Shade


The color you paint your home has a huge impact on how light or bright it looks. Darker colors will absorb light and make a room look smaller and more closed in, whereas lighter shades will open it up.


Your best bet is to paint the walls a light neutral shade and bring in color with accessories such as curtains, rugs, lamps, and flowers. That way you still get to add personality while keeping the room looking fresh, bright and airy. Adding a coat of paint is a cheap and easy way to transform your home and something well worth doing if you currently have dark decor everywhere. 


Light neutral paint on a wall eliminates dinginess


Use Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture to Bounce Light Around


Mirrors will help to reflect light around the room, but as well as a big statement wall mirror you could also consider mirrored furniture if this is to your taste. Mirrored furniture can look ultra-glam and definitely get the light bouncing around, although depending on your lifestyle might not be the best choice. For example, it shows fingerprints and dirt easily so not ideal if you have children!


mirror to reflect light


Consider your Window Treatments for Getting Rid of Dinginess


Finally, if the curtains or blinds you have up at your windows are too heavy, any light you have coming in won’t stand a chance. If you’re already struggling for light (perhaps due to the position of your home and windows) remove things like slatted blinds and replace them with roller blinds instead. That way you can completely expose the window during the day, and block out the light as and when you need to. Consider light curtains, or fit them so that they’re not blocking any of the windows while they’re open. 


roller blind


Final Thoughts on Ditching the Dinginess…


From trees providing too much shade, to dark color of paint, it is easy to feel as though your home has a dinginess to it. Use some mirrors, lighter colors of paint and better window treatments and see what a brighter and airier place your home can be.

Looking for ways to brighten your home and get rid of the dinginess? Use these tips right now!


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