Distinctions Between Residential and Commercial Building Painting

When painting a commercial building or your bedroom, it’s not about painting just a wall. Many people see no difference between residential and commercial buildings. But there are differences. For instance, the painters Columbus need to get licenses and registrations from authorized government bodies to perform residential and commercial painting work within the city. 

If you want a professional in Columbus, Ohio, you must check if they have passed the required exam, carried insurance, and completed the professional application. 

Residential vs commercial painters

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Paintings

Materials and equipment

The difference between these two types of building painting jobs is that they require different materials and equipment. Commercial painters such as high rise painting sydney know that doing an industrial building is entirely different from residential one.

Pressure washers, sprayers, aerial lifts, sandblasters, commercial-grade paints, primers, etc., are some of the equipment required for commercial buildings. On the other hand, residential painters know how to prep for painting homes by getting brushes, rollers, step ladders, drop cloths, cleaning materials, paint trays, and more. 

Commercial paint sprayer

Job size

Job sizes in commercial and residential territories vary to a great extent. Usually, commercial projects are much more extensive compared to residential projects. Commercial painting jobs can range from small retail shops to big shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and industrial buildings. However, residential jobs are done for homes, villas, apartments, townhouses, condominiums, and other living spaces. 

House being painted

Services provided

Both commercial and residential painters in Columbus can provide services as specified by Ohio local government authorities. Only after obtaining a valid license can these painters offer pre-specified services. Professionals charges can vary from $20 to $60 per hour for the state of Ohio. However, if you’re looking for cities like Columbus, the average rate starts from $40.

Industrial painting and coating, metalizing, special surface preparation, epoxy coatings, and sandblasting are a few services that commercial painters can provide. However, the services provided by residential painters are usually limited to in-home paintings such as interior and exterior, cabinet painting, wallpaper removal and hanging, painting garages, decks and fencing, etc. 

Painting a garage

Project management

Productivity and efficiency are two factors that are emphasized when painting a commercial building. Depending on the size of the project, uncertainties in concluding the jobs can cost the companies.

While residential projects offer a more relaxed approach to project management due to a small-scale job. Although still crucial to the job’s success, the painters focus more on satisfying the homeowners by completing projects efficiently and on time. 

Painter and homeowner


Home improvement contractors, including painters, need minimum hands-on experience to meet the license requirements specified by authorities in Columbus, Ohio. Residential painters are well-versed with different materials used in paints and, thus, the type that will be well-suited accordingly. They also know where to place what color on the exterior or interior surfaces.

On the other hand, commercial painting requires more skill and concern for safety. Depending on how tall a building is or the weather of the place where the building is located, commercial painters have experience in choosing the right paint and equipment.

Hiring an experienced painter in Columbus might cost anywhere from $3 per square foot to $9 per square foot. The cost to have a room done by a professional ranges from about $375 to $950.

Painting a commercial building


Whether you need a large-scale painting job for your office space, a mall, or a simple one for your home, always choose the reputed, professional, skilled, and experienced contractors. Whether a team works as commercial or residential, they must follow the city’s commercial and residential building codes.

Moreover, it’s not every day that you can build a new home. So, if you are planning to make/purchase a property, it is always advisable to paint it well for a soothing experience. 

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