Tips For Displaying Crystals In Your Living Spaces

Crystals have long been linked to the supernatural or mystical; some even think they have healing properties. With all the awe connected with them, you know that if you are gifted a crystal or acquire pieces for yourself, they must be exhibited uniquely. Utilizing resources provided by Wicca Academy and others can be a great way to learn how to correctly use your crystals!

Perhaps your soothing amethysts would look lovely in a tiny bowl? Or does the deep brown of the enormous aragonite sputnik cluster command its own alter space? Or maybe some tranquil blue quartz in a tall, narrow vase would be the perfect contrast for your coffee table.

It is a question of personal taste in how you display your crystals. There is no “wrong” method to go about it. Much is determined by your property’s general design and feel and the size and color of your stones. Here are some display ideas for crystals from to get you started.

Crystals with a card

Hallway — Cleansing, Energy

The best gemstones for a hallway are black obsidian, rose quartz, and black tourmaline.

Cleaning the air and creating an energetic area in the hallway is about more than simply providing a pleasant, safe environment for visitors who enter your house. It’s also about you and the people who reside in your home. 

Hallways link every living room inside the home, whether at the doorway, upstairs, or in the rear. The energy within them may affect your emotional well-being throughout the day. 

Because hallways are 90% walls, the ideal location to show crystals is on the walls. Use floating shelves or built-in bookshelves to display cleaning and energizing stones like black obsidian and rose quartz. 

The takeaway: When you walk into a corridor filled with positive energy, it’s simple for the remainder of the day to follow suit.

Black obsidian

Bathroom — Relaxation, Cleansing

Black obsidian, rose quartz, and amethyst is the best bathroom stones.

Just like your skincare regimen sets the tone for your day, the air you breathe inside your bathroom walls should establish a clean tone for your day. Cleansers like amethyst crystal remove any bad energy you may have received while sleeping. 

Place a stone along a bathroom counter like any other piece of décor. Amethyst, in particular, will serve as a visually appealing splash of color and a technique to purify your energy field.

amethyst crystal

Living Room — Relaxation

The best crystals for the living room are black celestite, angelite, and amethyst.

What is the key to crystal decorating? Don’t overthink things. Crystals have inherent energy. Whether or not you think they may bring about healing energies, the aesthetic value of crystals is unquestionable. 

Stones such as black celestite, angelite, and amethyst are supposed to promote calm in the living room. Nevertheless, for aesthetic reasons alone, each of these crystals lends the ideal amount of color and texture to side tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves.

Angelite stone
Angelite stone

Bedroom — Rest, Healing

Citrine, celestite, and amethyst are the best gemstones for the bedroom.

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time on this earth. Making it a relaxing environment will only help you advance intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. Amethyst and angelite are the most soothing in appearance and feel (we mean both how the crystal physically feels on your skin and the natural vibrations it releases). 

If you’re new to crystals, beginning with only one stone at a time will help you figure out which ones you like to be surrounded by in the morning and at night. (To increase the healing atmosphere in the bedroom, combine amethyst with citrine. The two hues, purple and mild yellows, create an on-trend palette.)

Citrine crystal
Citrine Crystal

Office — Concentration, Energy

Clear quartz, blue sapphire, and turquoise are the best gemstones for the workplace.

The home office does not have to be less cozy or personal than the rest of your living area. After all, here is where you unleash your best creative potential. Blue sapphire, clear quartz, and turquoise are three popular gems for revitalizing a space and making excellent partners for computers, desk lights, and file cabinets. 

Put one where you’ll see it the most, a stack of papers (as a paperweight) or inside a desk drawer. While energetic traits are vital, so are colors: gazing at beautiful objects may inspire creativity in more ways than one.

Sapphire crystal

Why Are Crystals Important in Your Home?

Crystals come in various stunning hues, shapes, and natural forms.

Crystals are visually appealing, coming in various hues and forms, with the natural textures and formations mixing in wonderfully with contemporary minimalist décor. 

Specific stones are also gaining popularity for their purifying properties. The vibrations inside natural stones, when put in areas where you spend a lot of time, can reduce sensations of heaviness, according to many holistic healers.

Crystals on counter

Crystal Cleansing and Activation

After purchasing a new crystal. It is vital to purify its energy – for Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Shungite, a simple dip in salt water is the simplest technique.

On the other hand, water may harm certain crystals (as a general guideline, don’t use water to wash a stone that is less than seven on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness). 

We suggest cleansing your crystals once a month since they absorb energy. Cleanse them by exposing them to the full moon’s light. A few hours after daylight, bring the crystals indoors. Another option is to soak them in palo santo smoke. Citrine (and a few other crystals) do not need to be cleansed.

After it has been cleaned, integrate your purpose to activate it. Take the crystal in your palm, calm your breathing, concentrate on your objective, and meditate. 

If you are activating your crystal to perform a particular function (for example, attracting wealth in your job), be as explicit as possible with the phrasing of your desire. 

Repeat your desire aloud a few times before concluding the activation with a deep breath and thanks for the crystal’s assistance. Remember that your crystal must be revived after each cleansing.

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