How To Choose The Right Designer Granny Flat

A designer granny flat is a great solution for many Australians and Americans living with their elderly parents or in-laws. In the United States, these are usually called tiny houses. Their popularity has made sure there are plenty of varieties to choose from. A designer granny flat is particularly popular because they add a touch of style to your property. With the right space optimization, kitchens, bathrooms, and even a small space-saving balcony, a designer granny flat can be an option for your extended property. You can also buy a new granny flat and earn some rent throughout the year.

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How To Choose The Right Designer Granny Flat




How to Choose the Right Designer Granny Flat


Select the Type

The first thing that you need to do is choose what kind of flat you want. Namely, do you want it to be attached or detached? This will then determine what kind of a construction the flat needs to have. You do not want them experiencing medical distress only to find them after the damage has been done. Additionally, there are structural costs to consider. A detached granny flat is relatively easy to construct. But an attached one will require some modification on the existing structure.



Select the Size

Once you have decided on the type, it is time for the size. Generally speaking, there are three varieties of designer granny flats in Australia, There are one, two and three bedrooms respectively. As the name itself suggests, the granny flats are also the ideal options for aged people. Especially when you have patients or aged parents at home, or parents visiting you from other states or countries. Further, if you feel you need more space, you can always expand on it later. But there is no good reason to build a large granny flat and then have most of it not being used.


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Select the Purpose

Okay, you might be thinking I already know the purpose. It’s to give my elderly relative a space of their own. But you need to think beyond that. You need to consider what use will the grant flat be when your elderly relatives eventually pass on. All your designing must be in accordance with this idea. Yes, it’s nice that you want to give them a space of their own.



Select the Structural Design

As with the construction of any home, a designer granny flat first needs an exterior structural design. Then you can look at the interior aesthetical design. Your structural design will largely depend on the previous two considerations. Generally speaking, there is a lot more liberty to customize your design with detached granny flats. If you went with an attached one, then you will need to make sure it does not become an oddball in your property’s overall design aesthetic.

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Select the Interior Design

Now, we have arrived at the cosmetic side. Your designer granny flat can have any kind of interior décor they want. This should be subject to the preferences of the person living there. If you have an attached granny flat, then you can consider matching your primary home décor with the one in your granny flat. Above all else, you need to make sure that your elderly relative is comfortable in the décor. Make sure they can spend their time enjoying it.



Granny flats are a great option if you feel you cannot accommodate your elderly relative in your home. Follow these steps to find the right designer granny flat you need. There are many customization options also available for designer granny flats. These can be updated as per your requirement and budget. You can hire the right building authority to get hold of some of the best possible deals on a designer granny flat.


A designer granny flat is particularly popular because they add a touch of style to your property.




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