5 Tips To Design Your Living Room

If there is one place in your house that holds a plethora of importance, it has to be your living room. Are you ready to design your living room? You spend a whole lot of time in it, from lounging casually to hosting a party for your guests, a living room serves as a sanctuary to relax and breathe. 

If a place in your household has such importance, don’t you think it should be decorated properly to have an uplifting effect on your mood? Here are a few basic tips that you can utilize to design your living room.

Design Your Living Room

Living Room

Take Measurements

If you want your furniture to looking prominent and good in your living room, then you will have to measure the length and width of the room. If you don’t do this before designing your living room, you will run the risk of having your furniture’s scale mismatched with the scale of your room. 

Buying sofas, tables, and other stuff that either stands out too big or too small will only lead to further annoyance once you finish setting up your living room. Therefore, it is best to have all the measurements accurately made before you start setting up the room. 

Plan your Budget

You have to carefully plan your budget and allocate it mindfully to the objects that you want to buy for your living room. If you immediately splurge on one or two furniture pieces that you find attractive, there are high chances you would end up with nothing to buy other stuff. 

Therefore plan your budget accordingly so that you know what amount you have to spend to buy each and every piece, this way you will be able to save more. 


Plan the Decor

Once you have taken all the measurements of the room, you can easily begin the phase of decor planning. With accurate knowledge of the measurements of the room, you will know what type of furniture will suit you best. From patchwork sofa to curved wooden crafts, there are millions of possibilities to decorate your living room with.

You can in fact go with theme-based decoration if you want to avoid the hassle of shopping for different stuff, but an eclectic approach is typically considered more for a modern look.

Focus on Walls

You are most likely to ignore the walls of your living room, especially when you have a pile of other stuff to do. But, leaving your walls unattended is actually not a good idea. Walls surround your living area and give personality to the room. 

Therefore it is essential to pay attention to them. You can either paint them with your favorite color or use wallpapers that come in different textures and patterns. Colorful walls can bring a delightful change in your living that will ultimately impact your mood.  

Check out these 5 tips to design your living room and make your home a place you love again.

Plan Flooring

From wooded to sanded flooring, you can choose the floor plan according to your preference. You can also opt for carpeted floors if you prefer soft and warm surfaces to walk on. Regardless of what floorplan you choose, attend to the floor just as you did to your decor and never leave it an understated presence. 

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