2021’s Amazing Interior Design Trends For Your Living Area

You have been working from home now for the last year and you are sick and tired of your living area. It is time for a change. It has come for a refresh. It is time you looked at the 2021 Interior Design Trends and picked a style to go with!


It is not all about what is fashionable, you do need to be comfortable in your new décor, but for some inspiration here are five top interior design trends for your living room do-over.

2021 InteriorDesign Trends

new design trends in living room

Forget Minimalist, Maximalist Is In

Tired of those stark white minimalist designs you have seen all over Instagram? Craving something a little more ‘out there’ and exciting? Look no further than the “maximalist” craze that is hitting interior design trends in shows right now.

Maximalist is exactly what you expect it to be, using the maximum amount of color, texture, and decoration to breathe new life into your home.

To get this look right, make sure you are mixing materials, a velvet modular sofa might look great with a warm wool throw, a metal crate come coffee table will look perfect with a reclaimed wood top.

Go bold or go home with this style!

Primary Colors Are Needed

Another one of the design trends that many of us are happy to see the back of as we enter Spring 20201 is that horrible trend for gray everywhere.

Gray, gray, gray, and more gray. It is boring.

Liven things up by exploring a primary color pallet and mixing stand-out colors with neutral walls so that your living area feels like a canvas rather than just another room.

Not sure which colors go? Check out this great color tool from graphic design company Canva.

living room

Play With Culture

Enjoy picking up trinkets from your holidays but not sure where to store them? You will be happy to know that playing with culture is really in this season.

Go big and invest in a big cultural mural for your wall, or at least use little accents like light shades and ornaments to bring your favorite holiday destinations to you and to your living room.

Welcome To The Roaring Twenties

What was the best part about the 1920s? It is hard to choose really, it was the golden age of swing and jazz music, hedonism, and new disposable wealth.

Wealth was casually shown off with the Art Deco movement, and thankfully it is bang on the design trends again.

Grab your gold and starburst mirror, we have a living area to design.

Upcycle For Good

There are two major benefits to upcycling: It is cheap and it saves things from landfills. Move over Greta Thunberg!

Upcycling furniture has always been popular, but in 2021 the words “recycled”, “reclaimed” and “reused” are being used more and more by interview design experts looking to make sure their designs are fashionable and trendy.

One of the best bits of investing in upcycling is that you can do a lot of it yourself. If you get furniture from a charity shop or Goodwill, it will not matter so much if your upcycling goes wrong – just turn it into something else!

 It is not all about what is fashionable, you do need to be comfortable in your new décor, but for some inspiration here are five top interior design trends for your living room do-over.

Final Thoughts on Interior Design Trends

For 2021, design trends lean toward bold and colorful ideas and repurposing. With a play on culture, a trend reminisce of the 1920’s and all about culture you are sure to enjoy these design trend ideas for the living space in your home. Do you have any tips to share for how to bring these design trends into the living area of other peoples homes? Add them to the comment box below.

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