Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead!

Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead

5 days of lessons to help you create the homestead of your dreams!

Learn how to turn your dreams into goals and plans for creating your ideal homestead.

Includes free worksheets and printables to make the process simple and easy.

Plenty of resources to use as examples to help you learn what’s best for you and your homestead.

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Design Your Ideal Homestead

Why Take The Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead Course?

Homesteading is hard work and it can be overwhelming when you first get started. There is so much to be done and so many hopes and dreams you want to fulfill.

Planning for your homestead, whether you are new to the idea or a veteran homesteader, is the most important task if you want to be successful on your homesteading journey.

Design and Plan Your Ideal Homestead walks you through the process from start to finish, from your dreams of having a homestead, to budgeting and planning out each day.

In 5 short and easy-to-do lessons, you will be able to design and plan your ideal homestead.

Course Content

Day 1: Writing Your Dreams

Learn how to transfer those homesteading dreams from your head to paper.

Day 2: Dreams to Goals

Turn those dreams into SMART goals.

Day 3: From Goals to Planning

Planning the steps to accomplish your goals.

Day 4: Planning to Budgeting

Learn to budget your finances to accomplish your goals.

Day 5: Organizing Your Days

Develop a well-written plan monthly, weekly, and daily


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