Defective Floor? 3 Creative Ways To Cover It Up

Just like our clothes start to lose their quality with time, our house starts to come up with some flaws. Faded paint, patches, and cracks are common issues you may face after some time. But the good thing is you can either repair them or hide them with some quirky ideas, especially a defective floor.

Yet, there is nothing more annoying than a flawed or damaged and defective floor ruining the room’s whole look. Suppose you are living in a rental property or on a tight budget. In that case, obviously, you can not think of reinstalling the entire flooring. Ripping it out and laying a brand new floor can cost you a hefty amount.

But do not worry. There is no need to spend a fortune all of a sudden. We have come up with some creative ways to cover a defective floor. Additionally, the methods can also complement the decor of your home. You just need to pick up the correct technique.

So, let’s get started with them!  

Covering a Defective Floor

defective floor

Paint it with a new color

If you have a defective floor made from hardwood, tile, or concrete, painting it can become an ideal solution for you. Refinishing the scratches and wood worn is a costly project. If you do not want to spend much on this task, choose the budget-friendly method of painting it. The paint will hide the scratches and make it look new again.

But choose the color according to your home’s interior. If you want a simple look, go for pastel shades. However, you can choose bold colors to give your home a bold touch. Ensure the painting color matches the decor of your home.

Layer with rugs

The easiest and cost-effective method of covering a defective floor is using an area rug. They come in a vast array of colors, sizes, and designs. If you have patches on different areas of your home, go for the smaller rugs and layer them on the damaged areas.

You can also opt for the larger rugs depending on the dimensions of your room. You may find a rug that covers most of the area of the room. These types of rugs can easily be found at a rug store San Francisco CA.

rug over a defective floor

Rugs are also available in different patterns in the market or on online sites. You can pick up any of them. If you’re confused about choosing the perfect rugs according to the designs of your house, Samad Rugs can help you with this. And, make sure to select a rug that provides your interior with a cohesive look. They’ll cover not only the flaws but also add a spark of decor to your place.

Snap-Together Flooring

If you have a home with wooden flooring and don’t want to replace its look, you can opt for a snap-together laminate. It will cover a defective floor entirely and will give your room the same new wooden look. Unlike other laminates, the best part is you don’t have to glue or nail it on the surface.

Instead, the snap-together pieces are placed over the existing floor. This makes a single floating surface without ripping up the old surface. Since it doesn’t need gluing or nailing, installing it is easy and economical. Additionally, if you live in a rental property or decide to install new flooring, you can remove it anytime.

We have come up with some creative ways to cover a defective floor. Additionally, the methods can also complement the decor of your home

Wrapping up

We all love living in a perfect home, and perfection tends to fade with time. But it doesn’t mean you always need to spend in bulk to cover those imperfections. Just like the methods mentioned above, some creative ways can do much better work. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

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