5 Decor Tips for Newly Moved-in Couples

Moving in together is one of the most significant milestones for couples. It’s the start of a brand-new adventure – one filled with late-night movie sessions, breakfast in bed, culinary attempts, and maybe even the beginning of a family. Sometimes decor tips for newly moved-in couples can be a big help.

One particularly exciting part is the prospect of decorating the new space together. The question is, how do you make sure you achieve a comfortable, attractive home while catering to both tastes? What if one person wants a contemporary dining space while the other prefers a boho or vintage theme?

To help ensure each person is happy with the final result, here are five decor tips for newly moved-in couples. 

Coffee table with vases

5 Decor Tips For Newly Moved-In Couples

1: Focus on a Comfortable Bedroom

The bedroom is an important space where you spend one-on-one time as a couple, so it’s important to ensure it is well-designed and comfortable. You don’t need to go above and beyond with an eye-catching design – instead, look at romantic bedroom ideas that appeal to both of your tastes. 

Remember to include plenty of wardrobe space for each person and a bedside table with drawers on each side of the bed. That way, you will both have plenty of room for your personal items.

Romantic bedroom

2: Go Shopping Together

Decorating as a couple should be fun, so schedule some time to go shopping together for household goods and decorations. You can browse a range of home decor stores to find the perfect bedspread, plants, wall colors, blankets, and more.

Not only will it make sure you both get a say in the design, but buying these items together will make it feel like a place just for the two of you. 

Couple shopping together at home store

3: Allow Each Person to Express Interests

Most people like to express their interests in their home – so let both people do that! For example, if one person loves Star Wars, build a shelf where they can display Star Wars figurines. If one adores reading, buy a bookshelf so that they have constant access to their favorite reads.

These blends of different interests won’t clash when displayed right; they will only show how interesting and unique both of you are. 

home library

4: Put Your Favorite Colors Together

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing the color palette for each room. A great way to make a decision you’re both happy with is by putting your favorite colors together and seeing which ones harmonize.

You might love pink, purple, and yellow, while they prefer blue and green. That’s fine because green and purple work well as a color scheme! 

decor tips for newly moved-in couples

5: Build an Inspiration Board

While talking through ideas is necessary, you can also explore your vision by building an inspiration board. It will allow both of your ideas to come to life visually. If one person has an idea, they can put it on the vision board for the other partner to see and expand upon.

It’s an effective and creative way to grow your design ideas as a pair before coming up with the perfect home decor aesthetic!

Inspiration board

Decorating a home as a couple should be fun. As such, use these five tips to ensure both of you are happy with the end result.

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