Declutter Your House Once and For All

When you get home from work, there is a high chance that you will spend most of your time with your feet up watching the television. This is the ideal way for you to relax, but if your home feels claustrophobic then you may find it hard to unwind. The clutter that you see everywhere may start to get on your nerves and if you have a very small space then this can make things even more difficult for you as well. Maybe it is time to declutter your house!



Declutter Your House Once And For All



Dual-Use Furniture


When you have a very small space, you need to make sacrifices. You will also want to do everything you can to try and make the room feel more open than it is. For this reason, if you have furniture lying around that you don’t use then you have to make sure that you get rid of it.


For example, if you have a bookcase that is nearly empty or if you have a shelving unit with nothing on it then you will want to either move it or throw it away. You then need to make more use out of the furniture you are keeping. For example, the next time you buy a new footstool, why not choose one that has a storage compartment? Some coffee tables even come with lids as well, so that you can store your clutter in there. This is the first step when you need to declutter your house.

declutter your home


Big Furniture to the Back


If you have furniture that is big and bulky then you need to move these to the back of the room, or as far away from the entrance to the room as you can. You will also want to place your most important furniture on the wall away from the door as well. The rest of the furniture can then be used to try and balance out your space.


The main thing that this helps to do is give you a sense of openness when you walk into a room and you won’t feel like things are closing in on you either. If you have a television on the wall, you can even have your furniture so that it is symmetrical to it and this is a great way for you to utilize space. For example, by putting two footstools either side or by even having plants or ornaments there.

declutter your house


Paint is Great for Camouflage


Paint can really take away some of the visual weight of an item. If you choose to paint something in the same color of paint as the wall behind it then this can have outstanding results. For example, if you have a wooden chair or if you have a painted table then try and paint the same color for the wall.


This is a brilliant way for you to hide unwanted things that have a tendency to stick out and it will also make it feel much smaller visually. This is one of the best ways for you to deal with furniture and declutter your house at the same time.

declutter your house


Keep Surfaces Clear


Displaying your most favorite items can seem fun but it can have a huge impact on your room. You may feel as though the room is not as open and you may also find that it makes it feel much more cluttered as well. If you have a surface that you could clear off then it helps to do this and it also helps to keep things looking as clean as possible. This can make the room feel less dusty and it also makes it look as though it is bigger as well as there is much more wall space.

declutter your house

Avoid Oversized Art


Art can play a huge roll in the feel of a room but if you have oversized art then this can really compromise the look of a room. Wall collages can make the room feel as though the walls are caving in and it can also take up more space than needed.


If you want to avoid this then try and opt for art that compliments the space and also try and choose art that is relative to the room as well. For example, if you have cream and beige colors in the room then try and choose art that reflects this as this is a great way for you to blend everything together.


One piece of artwork should be more than enough if you have a smaller room, and any more may be seen as clutter.

declutter your house


Do Away with Fans


If you have portable fans in your living room or even in your bedroom then you may not feel as though you can’t get rid of them purely because when summer comes along, you’ll wish you didn’t. This can easily be avoided and all you have to do is get a ceiling fan installed. This draws focus up to the roof when people walk in and it is ideal if you have a very high ceiling.


If you are concerned that a ceiling fan won’t work as well then you’ll be glad to know that they actually work better as it draws hot air up from the room and cools it down. If you are interested in getting something a bit more technical then why not consider a smart fan? This is a great way for you to control your fan and your other devices without having to have a ton of remote controls.

declutter your house


Tidy your Wires


Wires can make a room feel way more cluttered than it needs to be. It’s actually really easy for you to get these tidied up and all you need are a couple of plastic casings. You can even enable the Smart features on your devices as well, and when you do this you don’t even need to have a remote for them. You can control absolutely everything from your smartphone and this is another great way for you to cut down on clutter. You’d also be surprised at how easy it is for you to do this with your lights, your ceiling fan, and even your thermostat as well!


Maybe it is about time to declutter your house once and for all.


Now you have some simple ways to declutter your house. You won’t believe how much easier it will be to rest and relax when your home is not as cluttered. Maybe you should get started today. You will be glad you did.

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