How To Deal With The Pet Owner About Their Pet

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner. Whether or not you agree with that if a pet near you has been causing trouble, learning how to deal with the pet owner may be the best way to handle the situation. Here, we’re going to look at three different kinds of problem pets and what you can do to manage your trouble with them, whether they’re distracting, dangerous, or even in danger themselves.

how to deal with the pet owner

How To Deal With The Pet Owner About Their Pet


The Noise

The vast majority of dogs bark. You don’t want to punish a dog for being a dog. But like with all things, if it’s taken to the extreme, it can get out of hand. Barking at odd times of the day, or so consistently that you can constantly hear it outside the home can quickly get stressful. It might even be breaking noise pollution rules.

First, you must try to deal with the pet owner about their pet. Some pet owners refuse to acknowledge there is a problem though. In this case, you might be able to get the authorities to step in and ensure the owner takes the problem seriously. Although, if they are not at home when the barking is at its loudest and most consistent, it might be worth talking to them personally, yourself. They may not even be aware their dog is quite so barky while they’re not there. They could then take steps to train it themselves.



The Danger

how to deal with the pet owner

Naturally, a dog can do a lot more than keep you at night with its barking. If you live next to or near a dog that’s aggressive to the point of being dangerous, it can make you feel ill at ease even directly outside your own home. This is especially true if small children are involved.

If you’re dealing with dog bites after the fact, then holding the owner to account through legal proceedings might be the only effective step. If it hasn’t yet gotten that far, try to deal with the pet owner in a calm way about the danger their dog poses. Ask them to ensure that they fully secure their dog and their property if they can’t get it to behave.


The Mess

Perhaps you’re not worried about how the dog interrupts or interferes with your own life. But rather the safety of the dog themselves concerns you. Some degree of understanding is warranted. Anyone who has a house full of pets knows that it’s not always picturesque.

However, if a dog’s living space, whether it’s the yard space, kennel, or anywhere else it spends a lot of time, is incredibly dirty, it could prove a health risk to the dog themselves. This includes living with or near huge mounds of trash, rusted metal, and in areas with stagnant, dirty water.

Try to deal with the pet owner first. Express your concerns.  The owner may take measures to correct the situation. Some may not. If that’s the case, you may have to call your local animal services anonymously. Have them make an investigation into the safety of the animal.


Sometimes we have annoying dogs and cats that visit our homesteads. We need to know how to deal with the pet owner to solve the problem.

How you deal with different problem animals is all about the situation and context itself. If you’re seriously attacked by a dog, then you may need to deal more firmly with the situation. Especially if it is acting aggressive but has yet to act on it. Unfortunately, sometimes owners can seem just as incapable of behaving reasonably when it comes to their pets. Always try to deal with the pet owner first.  You have to always have the possibility of going over their head and contacting someone about the problem.


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