Bringing A Dead Lawn Back To Life

The lawn is usually the central focal point of any garden so if you’re having trouble with it, it can ruin the entire garden. If you ever want to create a beautiful garden, you need to sort the lawn. If it’s patchy or you’re getting a lot of yellow or dead patches, it can be a real pain but there’s usually something you can do about it. When you’re having trouble with your lawn, or have a dead lawn, here are a couple of things that might help you bring it back to health, or deal with it if you can’t.

dead lawn


Bring A Dead Lawn Back To Life



Pave It Over


If you’ve got a patch of dry dirt instead of a lawn, you might have to just admit defeat and pave it over. This should be a last resort but sometimes, there’s nothing you can do and you need to put something else in its place. Getting a company like Proficient Patios to pave it over for you will turn that horrible patch of dirt into a great space where you can put some patio furniture and entertain guests. But before you get to that point, you should try to bring your dead lawn back to life.


By allowing for pavers or stone you have created a new space that is maintenance free. For some, this is a better solution to having a dead lawn. It also eliminates having maintenance tasks associated with lawn care in the future. This is a drastic change but an option none-the-less.

dead lawn

Start Again


The biggest mistake people often make when they’re trying to rejuvenate their lawn is trying to bring a half-dead lawn back to life. If you’ve just got a couple of patches left and the rest is dead, it’s often better to start from scratch. It feels like a step in the wrong direction but you should just get some herbicide that contains glyphosate and spray the whole lawn. You need that particular herbicide because it kills off the lawn but it doesn’t do any damage to the remaining soil and allows you to start growing again soon.

Starting with a clean slate often makes it easier to grow a full and healthy lawn. You will have a better chance of having eliminated the reason your lawn died in the first place.



Rake The Turf


Once you’ve cleared all of the remaining grass, you need to start preparing the space for replanting. Get a rake and start raking up the dirt to turn it over and clear any debris left from the herbicide. Do not use a soft leaf rake. Instead, you want a solid and strong garden rake for this.


Once you’re rid of all of that dead grass and you’ve turned up some fresh soil, you can start putting compost down so the ground is healthier when you plant a new lawn. This is now the base for what your new lawn will grow on. It is therefore important to do this step correctly. Be careful to remove all debris so your new lawn has a clean and fresh start.

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Planting The Lawn


Now that you’ve cleared the lawn and prepared the area, it’s time to start planting some new seed. The most important thing is that you get a good, even coverage or you’ll end up with bald patches again. The best way to do it is to spread seed north to south, then go back over east to west. That way you should get an equal covering all over. Don’t be afraid to throw a good amount of seed down, otherwise, the lawn will be thin and scraggly.

dead lawn

It is also important to make sure the seed you are spreading is the right type for your area. The wrong kind of grass won’t grow no matter what you do. Also, make sure you know which areas receive sun and/or shade so you get the right kind of grass for the weather.



Take Care Of It


Once those seeds are down, you need to make sure that you’re taking good care of it, otherwise, you’ll end up in exactly the same situation. Before the seeds come up, you need to keep it very moist all the time. When they start to come out, you need to make sure you keep it moist, but not too wet.

dead lawn

You can also cover the seeds with hay or straw to protect the seeds. Once the seeds sprout and are strong enough to hold to the ground you can rake the straw away. You can then dispose of it in your compost pile.


Sometimes we have issues with our lawns that cause us to have to start over. Try these steps first to bring your dead lawn back to life.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to bring your lawn back to life in no time. Have you tried fixing your dead lawn? Tell me what you have done to improve your lawn below.

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