Moving to Dallas: 5 Powerful Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

Dallas is a fantastic city that features a lot of activities for the whole family. It has a culture all its own, and you and your family will have a great time exploring all the city has to offer. If you’re thinking about moving to Dallas, be sure you have as much info as possible to make your move as smooth as it can be.

Tips for Moving to Dallas

City of Dallas

Get Your Finances in Order

Buying a house costs a lot of money, and you have to make sure you are looking for a house you can afford in a neighborhood you will enjoy. If you are organizing your finances, there are a couple of strategies to implement:

  • Budgeting to Buy a Home– The most apparent cost to budget for is your mortgage payment, which should be no more than 28% of your gross monthly income. Some other recurring expenses are homeowner’s insurance, utilities, property taxes, lawn services, and possibly HOA fees. Your down payment is also a concern as most lenders want you to have at least 10% of the total purchase price as a down payment. The size of your down payment, among other factors, may also affect the type of mortgage available to you.
  • Knowing Your Mortgage Options– Mortgages in Texas are regulated by the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending. There are lots of different loans available as well, including those from the Federal government. Federal Housing Loans can be good for first-time homebuyers because the requirements are generally a little less strict. Other loans might have slightly better rates but will generally require a larger down payment.

Get to Know the Weather

Dallas is a hot, humid city during the summer. Temperatures can get into the low hundreds, and the humidity is regularly 70-80%. During the winter, temperatures can go below freezing, though that typically only happens at night. The area is also subject to thunderstorms, and there can sometimes be tornados, though those are less common in the city.

Depending on where you are moving from, you will want to make sure you’re prepared for the weather change. Make sure you have enough shorts and t-shirts for the summer. You should also make sure that you have rain gear such as umbrellas and raincoats. If you’re unprepared for the fall or winter months, you should make sure to have warm sweaters and coats, long pants, and warm socks. 

You should also make sure that your car has a working heater and air conditioner. Like most Texas areas, the weather in Dallas can change quickly, and you may need your heater on in the morning but have to switch to A/C by the afternoon. Because of the high temperatures, functioning air conditioning is especially important.

Dallas in the winter

Consider Your Insurance

One thing you can and probably should take care of before you move is insurance.

  • Personal Insurance- Texas likely has different laws regulating home, car, and other types of insurance than your current city. When you are purchasing your home, your mortgage company will likely help you with your house’s proper insurance, letting you know what you need. When it comes to car insurance, you will need to call your current vehicle insurance company for quotes for your vehicle when you move. Your health insurance options will also change. You may have insurance through an employer, but you also might want to look into other options.

  • Business Insurance– If you are starting or currently own a business you intend to expand to Dallas, you’ll need to look into the local regulations for the insurance you’re required to carry. Business insurance requirements can change based on the type of business and your business model. You should check with a local business insurance expert to ensure you have the right insurance for your business.

Prepare for Local Pests

Like any area, Dallas has pests for which you’ll have to prepare. You will need to figure out ahead of time how you are going to deal with the usual pests like ants, spiders, mosquitos, rodents, cockroaches, and fleas. 

If the house you decide to purchase has been vacant for a little while, it is a good idea to have professional exterminators take a look to make sure that you don’t have to deal with pests on your first day in the house. Once you are moved in, keeping your house clean is your first line of defense against pests. However, it is good to know your pest control options in Dallas, TX, since you will likely need them eventually.

Learn About the Area

Dallas is a great city with a lot of exciting things to do and see. The Texas State Fair is held in Dallas annually, and Big Tex, a 52-foot cowboy statue, greets visitors at the entrance to the grounds. Big Tex is the tallest cowboy statue in Texas—and speaking of cowboys, Cowboys Stadium is large enough to fit the entire Statue of Liberty inside with the roof closed. 

Both the frozen margarita machine and the integrated circuit computer chip (which became the standard microchip) were invented in Dallas. The Dallas Arts District is the largest urban arts district in the United States, and the Dallas Public Library has permanently displayed one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence as well as the First Folio of Shakespeare’s “Comedies, Histories & Tragedies.”

No matter your interests, you will always find something new to do or learn in Dallas.

 Dallas is a fantastic city that features a lot of activities for the whole family. It has a culture all its own, and you and your family will have a great time exploring all the city has to offer.

Everything’s Bigger

Dallas lives up to the Texas reputation by having one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, and it’s bustling with life and culture. The people in Dallas exemplify Texan friendliness. Don’t be afraid to dive right in and get your feet wet. There is a lot to do and a lot to see, so make sure you pace yourself and prepare appropriately to enjoy your new home.

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