5 Ways To Cut Costs Being A Dog Parent

Being a dog parent is an incredibly rewarding responsibility, but it’s not without its difficulties. While your furry friend might pay you in endless kisses and unconditional love, you’re the one expected to cover the expenses. Even small costs add up quickly, putting enormous pressure on your finances. The expense can be so high that some people give up their pets. Thankfully, you don’t need to do the same. With that in mind, here are five ways to cut costs being a dog parent. 

dog laying on his back

5 Ways To Cut Costs Being A Dog Parent


  1. Read Dog Training Books

Training is an essential part of any dog’s life. It not only provides mental stimulation, which helps to keep your pet happy, but it will also enhance the relationship between the two of you. The only problem is, there aren’t public schools for pooches.

Rather than paying to have your dog professionally trained, you should learn to do so yourself. A good book is much cheaper than hiring a trainer, so visit your local bookstore. There is also plenty of free information online. 

Doing your own training can cut costs being a dog parent tremendously.

Dog sitting during training with his master


  1. Buy Food In Bulk

Dogs have incredibly healthy appetites. They eat a lot of food, which means you need plenty of it at home. Thankfully, the more food you buy, the cheaper it tends to be. This is because bigger bags of dog food usually cost less per pound than smaller ones.

Rather than buy food as and when you need it, you should find the biggest bag you can and stock up. That being said, you must make sure you look out for discounts too. Now and then, the smaller bags will work out cheaper. 

Bulk purchase stores like Sam’s Club and Costco will help you cut costs of being a dog parent down to an affordable amount.


bowl of dog food


  1. Visit The Pet Doctor

Trips to the vet certainly aren’t free. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t save you money. By visiting the pet doctor, you can help to prevent serious health issues from developing. This is why you must schedule regular appointments, as well as seek help if you suspect your dog is unwell.

It’s particularly important that you get your furry friend vaccinated and keep their shots up to date. Depending on your pet insurance policy, this cost may be already covered for you. 


small dog at vet



  1. Make Your Own Toys

All dogs love toys, but they don’t need expensive ones to enjoy themselves. Rather than splashing out on pricey ropes and balls, you should find ways to make your own toys. An old t-shirt, for example, could be tied in knots to create a rope or ball. Stuffing a spare sock with an old water bottle will make crunchy, sensory fun. Any old cuddly toys could be given to your pet too. If you can’t make your own toys, then buy cheap ones from dollar and thrift stores instead.


An English Bulldog playing with a ball.



  1. Give Grooming A Go

Keeping your dog’s coat groomed is a crucial responsibility. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a professional to take on the task can get quite high. The good news is, you should be able to handle the responsibility yourself

. As long as you have the right tools, there’s no reason why you can’t clip, comb, and wash your four-legged friend. There are books available, as well as articles and videos to guide you through the process, so consider giving grooming a go yourself. 


Wet dog after a bath


Dogs can be expensive pets, but with the advice above, it’s easy to cut costs. 


Wanna cut the cost of being a dog owner? These simple tips can help you to do just that. Start spending less and enjoying your pooch even more.


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