Custom Shower Glass- All You Need To Know!

What do you choose? A dripping shower curtain that constantly demands maintenance and cleaning, or a perfect sparkling interior-enhancing custom shower glass door!

Well, the choice is all yours but let us first expound on the real difference between having both sorts of options in your bathroom. So, with any further ado, let’s get straight into the write-up!

Glass shower

Why Should Homeowners Switch To Shower Glass Doors? 

Well, there are multiple reasons to opt for a custom shower glass door and pull-out shower curtains from now onwards for bringing a bit more glow to our modern bathroom aesthetics. 

  • Creates a sense of openness

No doubt, glass provides an extremely transparent glance which multiples the beautiful appearance of any space. Along with that it dispenses an illusion of endless space without any boundaries and appears wider. 

  • Brings more natural light

Being a reflective material, glass shower doors increase the lighting of any space, so you would not need to switch on all the light bulbs, hence saving energy bills. 

Glass shower
  • Custom shower glass has more manifolds

When you opt for a custom shower glass door, it gives you a free hand in choosing your dream design, shape, and other features from a sea of choices. 

  • Offers sturdiness 

Despite the fact that glass is a brittle material that may break on applying pressure, there are glass types like tempered and laminated glass, which do not break and never harm people with their shattered granular parts. 

  • 1-wipe cleanups

Smooth glass door surfaces provide easy cleaning and remove dirt spots in a couple of moments rather than detaching the entire thing and then washing becomes a hassle- like a shower curtain. 

  • Improves the sale’s value 

Honestly, it does increase the home sale’s value when you prompt something valuable and appealing. 

Shower Doors Styles

There have been a lot of pre-made shower door styles that you can simply visit and buy immediately, nonetheless, you have a Custom option for ordering the perfectly matched shower door for Your bathroom! 

  • Sliding shower doors

These are the most popular shower door styles which people love to adopt as it’s unique in manner and functionality plus they are perfect for compact showers to save space from getting cluttered. 

Sliding shower doors
  • Neo-angle shower cubicle

For a little tight space, this works perfectly consisting of 2 sides creating a shiny diamond-like shower shape. 

neo angled shower doors
  • Bi-fold shower glass doors

They are mostly known as bath screens and may contain several glass panels. One of the panels is fixed to the wall while others are joined and folded outward using hinges. 

bifold shower doors
  • Swinging shower door panels

That’s the commonly adopted shower door style, which works by opening up to 90 degrees angle maximum. 

Swinging shower door

Order any style you want! 

If you can’t find the right door for your shower then go for a Custom option. Well, that’s a pretty cool option because you can suggest your desired door shape, design, and glass type. So, browse through any custom shower glass shop online to order a glass door of your choice, or check out Fab Glass and Mirror for cheap and top-quality shower doors. 

Various Glass Types For Shower Doors

  • Clear- A Perfect selection for transparent shower spaces and let them throw more light. 
  • Tinted- Little tinted shower doors may seem perfect if you have created some chic or colorful bathroom interior. Plus, it’s going to provide a little bit of privacy! 
  • Frosted- Perfect for shower spaces that need more privacy and a smooth shower interior. 
  • Patterned- You have lots of pattern options to choose from for a privacy shower door, like a lot! 

Can You Frame Your Shower Door? 3 Stylish ways!

Whoever is searching for adding extra beauty to their shower areas, must consider these three framing options. 

  • Frameless Shower Doors

Do you want an unobstructed appearance of your shower area? Frameless doors are good to go! 

Clear frameless shower doors
  • Semi-framed Shower Doors

It’s a light and thin frame around the shower panel to support the door and sleek and stylish shower aura. 

  • Framed Shower Doors

If you want to go for a framed shower door, you will have many framing options, for example, what type of frame you need to add, and which material and color would suit the best. 

Framed shower doors

How Much Does a Shower Glass Door Cost?

Mostly a normal shower door with a standard size costs you around $800-$1,500 but buying an expensive shower door doesn’t mean your shower space will be more enlightened! You should opt for a custom shower glass door which is all in all and still cost you less than the other shower doors. Cost does matter, and it depends on various factors that you should look for before buying a shower door! 

Recommended Shower Door Thickness!

These are the two standard thicknesses of a shower door that people opt for; 3/8″ and 1/2″. Well, 1/2″ is mostly recommended when you need a stronger and nearly unbreakable shower door. It may cost a little higher than 3/8″. 

The Bottom Line!

You might know now, that you need a shower door, but too many options dazed us! Here above are the Must-to-consider things which you should know before buying any shower door. Do take care of the total cost and choose the glass type and thickness accordingly. 

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