5 Curb Appeal Ideas That Work Regardless of Budget

What could be more picturesque than a home that grabs attention for its spectacular curb appeal? Coming home after a long day, merely seeing the beauty of your exterior standing out impressively can be heartwarming. You just know you’re home.

And a spectacular curb appeal comes down to carefully addressing certain aspects of your home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking to resell your home in Atlanta or spruce it up for your personal satisfaction, it’s wise to make your house look attractive right from the outside.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to make it eye-catching.

Here are five tried-and-true curb appeal ideas that work for any budget.

Super curb appeal from street view

1. Stringent clean-up

A dirty environment is always a turn-off. And an outstandingly clean one is the direct opposite.

One of the first and cheapest things you could do to spruce up your exterior is by cleaning it—not only the walls but also the roof because this is a component that stands out from afar.

You can clean up your exterior with a good pressure wash. If you don’t have or do not know how to use a pressure washer to clean your walls and roof, consider hiring a professional.

Don’t forget the windows. Ensure everything is looking sparkling clean altogether and uncluttered.

2. Apply a fresh coat of paint

The rapid change of the Atlanta weather can severely affect your exterior. It’s no wonder the paint tends to crack and look drab within a few years.

A washed-looking or peeling paint can ruin your overall curb appeal, no matter how many fanciful accessories you install. Since exterior painting is a bit more complicated than the interior, consider hiring exterior painters Atlanta so you can get the project done right the first time. Experts will likely know the best paint to use and best practices to ensure a flawless finish and that the fresh coat stands the test of time.

But most importantly, experienced painters will likely know the best color shades to apply to transform your curb appeal entirely.

Man painting exterior of house

3. Get some greens

If you’ve seen photos of homes that caught your attention, there’s one thing that stands out: fresh greenery.

Flowers and plants don’t only work for interior design but also beautify your exterior, especially in spring.

So plant some lovely flowers in your front porch containers, window boxes, and flower beds. Get a garden or a lawn to spruce up your landscape. What’s more, gardening offers you some mental health benefits.

All of that gives your curb appeal a clean, colorful look.

4. Invest in accent lighting

When it comes to home decor, accent lighting works for your exterior as perfectly as it does for the interior. If your porch lighting is outdated, it’s the best time to change it for something more modern and eye-catching. If you have a patio, consider getting some affordable pendant or chandelier.

Furthermore, look at your lamp posts (if any). Ensure the glass is clean and the bulb is shining bright.

Chandelier on ceiling

5. Don’t forget your mailbox

It’s alright if your mailbox is worn and outdated. It stands through the rough weather day in, day out. It’s time to give it a fresh coat of paint, as this little accessory has an impact on your overall curb appeal.

Remember, first impression matters.

Bottom Line

These curb appeal updates are pretty cost-effective as they do not require major renovations or expensive purchases. Your home will certainly look fresh again when you’re done.

However, if some repair work needs to be done, it’s best to do it quickly, as seemingly minor defects can dent your overall effort.

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