Creating Space In The Home: 14 Simple But Amazing Ways

Creating space in your home is an excellent way to make a statement, as the furniture and other decorations in place will draw the eye. Often, our homes can become busy and cluttered with bulky furniture, countless belongings, extra ornaments and utilities. Clutter usually occurs when letting go of items that hold sentimental value becomes too difficult, or buying new furniture in place of the old is not a viable option. 

Here are 14 simple ways for creating space so you can make your home feel more spacious without throwing everything away or reaching too far into your pockets.

Creating Space

Here are 14 simple ways for creating space so you can make your home feel more spacious without throwing everything away or reaching too far into your pockets.

Storage containers and shelves

A rapid solution to a cluttered home is using storage containers and shelves for creating space. Wardrobes and cupboards can easily overflow, particularly if there are children in the house. For those overflow items that you can not bear to throw out, wicker baskets, nordic bins, and multipurpose bins are your new best friends.

Start with a fixer-upper

This one is for those looking to buy their own place, so millennial buyers—listen up. Investing in a home that needs a little TLC in the form of a full or partial renovation will allow you to create a spacious feel to your home from the get-go. The best thing about spending less on a home and a little extra on doing it up is making the living space match your vision.

Get creative with your utensils

If you are someone just to chuck every pot and pan in a kitchen cupboard and hope for the best, this could lead to an untidy and hard to use cooking area. Instead, try hanging them on the wall or using a rack for a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution. Installing a wall rack can be a nifty DIY project, or you could always hire assistance if necessary. Why not try a pot rack on the kitchen counter? It is easily accessible and a funky way to accessorize your kitchen and a great way of creating space. 

Similarly, you can store wooden spoons, spatulas, and the like in a utensil holder to improve your kitchen’s functionality. Meanwhile, the odd objects like matches, tissues, or cleaning equipment can be stored away in the empty cupboards, creating space.

Suspend items from the ceiling

Hanging baskets are not just for flowers. You could use them in the kitchen to store fruit or store books or accessories in your bedroom for creating space. Are you running out of storage in your bathroom? A hanging basket is useful for the extra shampoo and conditioners, plus any unopened products you have not got round to trying.

Stow your trash can

If you have an empty cupboard in your kitchen, thanks to those nifty utensil holders and pot and pan racks, you can store your trash out of sight. Using a cabinet for your trash will free up floor space and create a more cleanly environment. 

Use a corkboard for jewelry storage

If you are fed up with oversized jewelry boxes clogging up your bedroom space, a corkboard is useful for organizing accessories and creating space. With a gilded frame and plenty of jewels to decorate it, you can make the board a rustic and elegant centerpiece. Plus, you will be able to see all your options, and that necklace that was once sitting in the back of your draw will see the light of day again.

Convert dead space into storage

You can easily transform the area below the staircase or under the bed into a storage unit that will declutter your home and help with creating space. Under-bed ottomans and storage facilities are perfect for those with a smaller bedroom as you can bypass using a clunky chest of drawers. 

Reclaim your attic or garage

If you have a usable attic or garage that is currently only storing excess belongings, you could transform this into a living space thus creating space on a grander scale. It is a particularly handy option for those with a bigger family or more housemates, as it adds an extra living area to retreat to.

Consider selling or donating additional items if they are stowed away in the attic or garage, as it’s likely they don’t see much use. Attic conversions can turn the space into a quiet study, a chic bedroom, or a cosy family room. Depending on the size of your garage, you could repurpose it into an arts and crafts room, a bar, or potentially a home gym.

Forget the guest bedroom

Is there a guest bedroom in your house sitting empty? During these times when it is less viable to have guests over, it is understandable. You could repurpose the room into a functional space for you and other household members to enjoy. If you are looking for ways to make money, this could even become a room to set up an at-home business like a photo studio, beauty salon, or tutor room. When guests do stay over, you could accommodate them on a sofa bed or day bed.

Place mirrors in strategic places

Mirrors in the home create the illusion of extra space when positioned correctly. If you wish to make a grand entrance, you could place a mirror on the wall adjacent to the front door and make it feel as if you are creating space. Or for smaller bedrooms or bathrooms, a full-length mirror will reflect the space to you.

Shoe and coat racks

Storage space for shoes is a must if you want to open up your entrance and hallway for creating space. Piled-up shoes can look untidy, so storing them on open shelves or a rack will create a homely yet spacious feel. For those winter coats that are too large to keep in the wardrobe, a coat rack is necessary. With coat racks, there are plenty of options to suit your home design, whether understated or Art Deco quirky.

Make use of the shed

If you have a garden shed that is sitting unused, dusty, and full of items, you are better off throwing away–it’s time to do something about it. A shed is a great place for creating space to keep your outdoor equipment organized and to hand. You can store items in free stand shelves, containers, and tool hangers to keep the area tidy. For DIY equipment like paintbrushes, you could keep them in mason jars stacked on shelves or tables.

Sliding doors are the way forward

Consider installing sliding doors in place of regular ones. It will add a modern twist to your abode while creating additional room space. A sliding door is useful for smaller bedrooms that are lacking room.

 Here are 14 simple ways for creating space so you can make your home feel more spacious without throwing everything away or reaching too far into your pockets.

Hang hampers on the back of your door

If you are struggling for a place to store your laundry, a door-hanging hamper is a viable solution to free up floor space and keep your clothes out of the way.

So, now you have some ideas to create space in your home. With a little time, energy, and creative thinking, you can entirely transform your home. Some benefits of a more spacious home are listed below.

  • Without clutter, a home is easier to clean.
  • Open space is attractive and welcoming to the household and guests.
  • You can move freely and are less constrained by objects.
  • It is safer—the odd objects lying around can become safety hazards, particularly for older people and young children.
  • It fosters a healthier mindset and relieves stress. Think of it as having room to breathe!
  • A spacious room let’s light in more easily, creating a bright, uplifting ambience.

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