Creating A Perfect Living Room For Pets

When you have a love of animals, and rescuing them is something you’ve held dear your whole life, you’re going to need a home that can keep up with the task. More importantly, you’re going to need a living room that can cope with energetic kittens and sleepy puppies, birds that chirp all day long and some of the more farmyard animals that need hand-rearing. Either way, it’s time to make sure you are creating the perfect living room for pets. Your interior design can still feel like you but should have some good wear and tear prevention in it as well. Here are some tips to check out if you’re noticing more and more scratches in your wallpaper and stains in your carpet.


perfect living room for pets



Creating the Perfect Living Room for Pets




Get Down on the Ground


Pets don’t exactly see eye to eye with you, so make sure you get down on all fours to check the house around you before bringing any animals into it. Plug sockets that are unprotected. Watch for wires they can get tangled in and trip over. Pay attention to places their collars can catch on. All these hazards exist out of our eye level. Why not do a sweep now?


See Pet Proofing Your Kitchen or Making Your Home Safe For Pets for more ideas that you can use throughout your home that can keep your pets safe.


creating a perfect living room for pets



Get Hardwood Flooring


One of the best ways to creating a perfect living room for pets is to install hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is going to be able to stand the test of time much better than any carpet could. It also looks perfectly chic, and you’ll love all the different kinds of materials you can use to give your space your own flair.


Pets will easily walk over this, and there won’t be any fibers they can catch with their claws (or collars!). Similarly, with the right surfacing, there won’t be any scratch marks either. Hardwood floors are easier to clean, more sanitary and better for your pets.


creating a perfect living room for pets



Use Some Advice


If you’ve been at your pets business for a long time, you’re going to have your own tips and tricks to delve into. However, we don’t always have the right answers for ourselves, so make sure you’re contacting people in similar situations to see how they handle it. You can do this very effectively across chat boards and following people you admire on your social media. Talk to the employees at your local pet store. Ask questions to learn about creating the perfect living room for your pets.


For more serious matters, like an entire rehaul of your living space because you just can’t get the smell of a pig pen out of it, turn to the bigger businesses. Companies like that of Sue Goldstone Interior Design can have consultants in your space on the same day you call them, ready to give you all the answer on your material matters. When it comes to making sure your space has the seal of protection from the pitter patter of small paws, claws, and hooves, there’s nothing like a good professional!


Tips and tricks when creating the perfect living room for your pets.



Looking after pets is always going to take a lot of effort; these animals depend on you for mostly everything, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to create a co-habitable living space for the both of you! And let’s face it, their pet bed is probably in the living room, so start there.


Do you have pets on your homestead? Do they spend the majority of their time in the living room? What other suggestions do you have for creating the perfect living room for pets? Please leave your comments in the box below.


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