Creating Income From Your Land

Some of the benefits of homesteading are very obvious. The fresh air, the pace of life, being close to nature and getting to spend time with your animals all come near the top of the list. But profitability is one of those things that may be more problematic. Modern homesteads may try to be as self-sufficient as possible, but often there is still a need to generate some cash. The sweet spot lies in combining coveted old-fashioned skills with the best of modern conveniences. Creating income from your land is important, but what works will be different for each person. Often it can be a question of trial and error until you find what works and is sustainable for you.

creating income


Creating Income From Your Land



Selling Surplus Produce


If your aim is to be mainly self-sustaining when it comes to the majority of your food, you may find that you get so good at it, you have a surplus. Selling that surplus can then become a great way of creating income. People these days are very switched on to the benefits of locally-grown, organic fruits and vegetable. The market is constantly expanding and you may find that you can command a premium by emphasizing the provenance of what you have to sell. You may choose to sell eggs, surplus milk, cheeses or yogurts, heritage turkeys, ducks or geese, fruit and vegetables, honey and preserves, or homemade baked goods. Be aware of food safety laws before you begin, as this may require adjustment. Look into farmer’s markets in your area or small businesses that may take your product for a cut of profits. There will be a few setup costs, but it’s a nice route to making some money.

creating income


Providing A Service


Take stock of your existing facilities and how you can use them to make money. For example, if you love dogs and already have several, it could be a natural step to offer dog boarding services for those going away on vacation. You could also board cats and even chickens! Teaching others can also be a valuable way of creating income. Teach classes in skills such as animal care, cheesemaking or beekeeping, depending on where your talents and interests lie.

creating income


Create A Product


If you have skills or a hobby that you could scale up, then that’s ideal. So think about what you like to do, and if you can become good enough at it to create a saleable product. It could be jewelry making, homemade candles or soap, rustic furniture, or metalworking skills. If you’re not artsy there are still plenty of options, from cutting and selling firewood, growing bedding plants or even selling natural fertilizer.

creating income


Host an Experience


A people person may wish to share the joys of their lifestyle with others, and there are many out of the box ways you can make your land work harder for you with special events. From creating a pick-your-own field where families can come to gather berries or season produce such as pumpkins to using the picturesque aspects of your land to host barn weddings and parties. You could even think about creating a small bed and breakfast for a few paying guests. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and personal inclinations.

creating income


Creating income from your land is easy if you use what you have already available. From selling animals to boarding, from a simple farm stand to making your own products, the possibilities are endless. What do you do to create an income from your land? Please share your ideas in the comment box below.


There are so many ways of creating income from the land you are living on. Many ideas are already in place.




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