How To Create A Low-Maintenance Garden

You’re probably reading this blog post today because you desire to create a low-maintenance garden. You don’t want to spend most of your spare time maintaining it.

There’s no getting away from the fact that not everyone has the time or inclination to devote to their gardens. That’s usually evident when visiting such an outdoor space only to discover an urban forest growing from a once-maintained lawn!

With the above in mind, take a look at these top tips on how you can start creating a low-maintenance garden in your outdoor space:

low-maintenance space

Hire A Landscaping Contractor

If you’d like a truly maintenance-free garden for your home’s outdoor space, it makes sense to hire a contractor. Landscaping companies can take the hassle of making any garden look magnificent and attention-grabbing.

Landscapers can conduct periodic maintenance of your garden, add or remove landscaping features, and advise you of any potential future issues with your outdoor space.

When selecting a landscaping company for your garden, ensure you choose a local firm that’s reputable and reliable. Also make sure they have the required skills and expertise.


Lay Down Some Artificial Turf

Some folks aren’t interested in having any garden features. If you’re one of those people, it might be best for you to have some artificial turf laid on the ground.

As the name suggests, artificial turf or lawns are made of synthetic materials and will always look fantastic, whatever the weather. Moreover, you don’t need to trim them as they won’t grow. Plus they are easy to clean with a hosepipe or pressure washer.

Artificial turf

Buy Some Low-Maintenance Plants In Tubs

What happens if you don’t want a lawn, trees, or anything similar in your garden, but you’d like a few easy to maintain plants dotted around your outdoor space? One answer is to consider growing some plants in pots.

An advantage of potted plants is how you don’t need a large garden to grow them. Nor must you fight a constant battle against weeds. Moreover, plant pots are reasonably easy to move around your garden.

Planting pots in wooden tubs

Install Composite Wood Decking

Some homeowners might want an outdoor space where they can relax and entertain without having the hassle of a garden to maintain. One way to achieve that goal is by having composite wood decking installed.

Such an installation means you have a flat, even surface that is level and easy to use and clean. You can choose wood in various widths and colors. Plus you could also combine your decking with LED lighting along the outside edges.

Composite decking

Build A Rock Pool

One final idea to consider is a rock pool. As you might expect, rock pools require minimal upkeep. They can transform a dull or lackluster garden into a stunning visual outdoor display. That will always impress your family and friends!

Rock pools work well and look great in small and large gardens, and you’re only limited by your imagination and creativity when it comes to designing your rock pool.

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