How To Create a Garden That Really Stands Out!

Do you know how to create a garden that really stands out? Chances are, you will be wanting your garden to look as good as possible. Especially if you entertain a lot at home. In the warmer months, the garden inevitably becomes an extension of your home as everyone moves the festivities outdoors to enjoy the nice weather.


It makes sense that you would want to put some thought and effort into your garden space and make sure any changes you make are well thought out and compliment your home and indoor style. After all, how your garden looks to visitors will create an image in their minds of how the rest of your home will look and indeed how you look after your home.


How To Create a Garden That Really Stands Out!



Showing off the outdoor space that you have will give off a great impression to your visitors and as well as being something you and your family can enjoy each and every day.

One thing to bear in mind is that your garden style should represent you. If you are green-fingered and love tinkering about in the garden and tending to many different flowers and plants all year round, then you can simply let your imagination run wild and create and thriving oasis that will indulge your passion.

If minimalism is your thing, look at creating a low maintenance garden that is easy to look after and tend to. But whatever option you choose, make sure it is something you are happy with and you are able to look after and maintain easily.

So how can you create a show-stopping garden no matter what type of garden to go for? There are many different ways you can add a statement to your garden. The trick is not to and too many so they all become lost and you lose the effect you were looking for.



A Seating Area


Many of us will have had daydreams about simply sitting in the garden enjoying a coffee in silence as you take in the area you created for yourself at home. Bringing a little bit of calm to your home is possible by creating a little seating area that stands out wherever it is in your garden.


 sitting space.


Make yourself a nook by building a brick wall to partially cover the seating area and add in a swing for some luxurious comfort. Or simply an understated bistro set where you can sit shielded from the world enjoying a cuppa and a good book. 


Another seating area for the garden


With so many options to choose from, you can make a stunning standout seating area pretty simply- and even sustainably by using materials you have around the home or garden. Think old wooden pallets for making a decking area or unused bricks to create a wall



A Water Feature


If you have space, then why not look at adding a water feature to your garden. From a centralized fountain to a small pond or even a miniature river with a feature bridge over the top! Use the space you have to make your water feature the center of your garden and a standout focal point.


Use material that is going to last such as a water trough that is designed to be outside and used around water frequently. Or old/unused buckets, pools or ornaments and integrate them together to create something unique and eye-catching. How about creating a waterfall feature on a wall using old buckets that filter through to a small pond for a rustic feel.


 a garden water feature


A Standout Pathway


The last thing you want is to create a stunning garden with a lush, perfectly manicured lawn and then have people walking all over it to access different parts of the garden. You need a path and one that befits all the hard work you have put into creating your outdoor oasis.


Choose stepping stones placed in a haphazard manner to form a uniquely styled pathway or opt for over sized concrete paving stones for a simple yet elegant look. You can use stones, slate, bricks or even wood for a fun raised walkway that sits slightly higher than your lawn similar to a small low-level bridge. This is also a great way to reuse any building materials leftover from another job that would otherwise go to waste.


A garden path




You need to be able to see when you are out in your garden after dark. Sure, the warm glow from your home will be sure to illuminate parts close to the house. But if you plan on using your whole garden you will want it lit up so you can still relax in your outside surroundings of an evening without having to take the party indoors.


When it comes to lighting options, the choices are plentiful. Do you want string lights hung around your fence, outside walls or over features such as archways? Or are spotlights around the edge of your lawn or pathway more your style? Create a look that harks back to days gone by installing lamp posts in your garden that shine a light down on you from above.


Choose solar-powered lights that are suitable for outdoor use to help you light up your oasis regardless of how late or dark it gets.


garden lights




Feeling the chill from a drop in temperature when the sun goes down? If this is something you find happens all too often, a fire pit or even stylish outdoor heaters can create an ideal focal point in your garden. Giving people an area they will be drawn too at any time, you can build a style around this one centerpiece that not only looks good but is also super practical too.


For a really impactful look, less is always more. Focus on one feature and really set it apart from the rest of the garden. Style everything to enhance your chosen focal point and you will find you not only create something truly tuning but also a garden that perfectly compliments it too.


fire pit


Final Thoughts on How To Create a Garden…


Creating a garden that really stands out can involve creating a sitting area, a water feature and even a nice pathway made from pavers or flat stones. Have fun creating your garden and make sure to incorporate some elements that make the space inviting too!




Check out these tips if you plan on creating a garden on your homestead!





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