5 Fun Craft Ideas to Beat the Indoor Blues

Looking for some fun and easy craft ideas to do at home? Whether you are stuck inside due to snow and rain, or you are just trying to stay safe in the world right now, there is nothing worse than coming down with that humdrum feeling of indoor boredom.

Sure, we would all love to frolic outside in the sunshine and flowers 365 days a year, but that does not mean staying in has to be a total drag. After the holidays are over, and you have drunk more than your fair share of hot cocoa and snuggled up with way too many movies, you are probably looking for some stimulating activities to keep you engaged and having fun. Why not consider some fun and easy craft ideas? 

These five craft ideas are perfect for both the novice or the expert crafter. You can include your children, and modify for difficulty. Try adding your own creative flair to a project, too—the beauty of DIY crafts is that you can make them really reflect your taste and personality. So if you have had a hankering for an item in a specific color or specific style, and can not find it in stores, make it yourself with these easy craft ideas! 

mom and daughter doing crafts together

Fun and Easy Craft Ideas

Custom Painted Planters

The benefits of keeping plants in your home are numerous. In addition to turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, they filter out harmful chemicals from the air, like formaldehyde. They also look lovely and create a lush, warm atmosphere. Hang one from your ceiling, place a few on your desk, or tuck one into the top shelf of your bookcase.

But before you do, grab your paints. Everyone has the same, classic terracotta planter. Give yours a personal touch. Keep it simple or use stencils for more complex designs. You can also use unlikely receptacles as planters, like a cream pitcher, or a mug. Look for matte paint, or chalk-style paint, for a better grip on slippery or shiny surfaces.

For more absorbent surfaces, like those of the typical planters you buy at a nursery, acrylic paint should work fine. Just purchase a quality acrylic sealer to keep your design looking fresh and to prevent it from flaking off when you move it. Try adding some pebbles, or for bigger pots, smooth rocks on top of the soil to add another nice touch. 

Painted terra cotta pots

Friendship Bracelets

Making friendship bracelets is a popular craft especially among kids and teens. It’s a wonderful way to show someone how much they mean to you. You can make personalized bracelets to give to your family and friends. They’re easy enough even for a novice to make, but they require patience, attention to detail, and of course some fun and colorful seed beads.

Apart from the fun in creating them, friendship bracelets are also a good fashion staple through the years. It’s a great way to liven up any outfit. If you think out of the box, you can even create bead necklaces and earrings for fun!

Family Cookbook 

Maybe you have collected a ton of specialty cookbooks over the years, detailing everything from vegetarian food to pot roasts to exotic cooking. You probably also have the same classic cookbooks your mother and grandmother had before you. And of course, nowadays, the internet is full of recipes. The result is that we all have a ton of staple dishes our families can’t get enough of. And often, you tweak the recipes you have come to love so much.

A fun way to store your favorites in one easy location, and memorialize your family dinners, is by designing and compiling your own cookbook. You can use apps or a binding company if you want to print one out professionally, but it is even more fun to find an empty binder or blank book and collage the cover with images you cut from magazines like Bon Apetit.

Take pictures of your meals as you make them, and print those out using some nice photo paper. Give your cookbook a title that reflects your family’s style, and grab that acrylic spray again, or some mod podge to seal the cover. Viola! A family keepsake you can continue to add to, and then pass on to your kids, 

Gold Finished Frame 

Nothing makes you feel fancy like gold. But who can afford to have solid gold frames hanging in every room of their home? Taking an old wooden or plain metal frame and spray painting it gold is a fun way to bring some shine and pizazz or some ornate luxury to your home. It is also one of the easiest craft ideas

Martha Stewart has a line of paints with several different gold options if you feel like using a brush, but otherwise, grab a can of spray paint, set some newspaper up on your balcony, and spray away. You can also take a black framed mirror, tape off the reflective surface, and paint it gold. You can layer on glitter paint, or keep it classy with a more subdued matte color. Your daughter will love feeling like a princess as she brushes her hair in a glittery gold mirror, and it will not cost you a fortune!

painted gold frame

Crocheted Scarf

Who among us did not have at least one crochet lesson from our mother, or an older aunt? Many of us never took the time to keep up the craft after childhood, but it is one of the more straightforward craft ideas of creating hats, scarves, blankets, and more.

Perhaps it is time to teach your kids how to crochet. Starting with a ball of yarn and ending up with a scarf will give them a sense of accomplishment and bring out their creativity. And let’s face it, for a lot of us, it is still winter, and we are cold!

You can keep your house at a comfy temperature with Estes Services, but there is nothing like telling your kids to put on a sweater or scarf before they reach for that thermostat! How much neater would it be if they crochet it themselves? Check out a YouTube tutorial to get started. 


Wine Cork Bulletin Board 

Let’s face it, sometimes it is wine: thirty more often than not. If you find yourself up to your neck in wine bottle corks, put them to use with another one of the easy craft ideas you can do! You can take a piece of poster board and glue them in a wavy or straight arrangement, making sure not to leave any space between them. Then throw some push pins in there, and you’ve got a cute and crafty bulletin board for the kitchen.

Another option is to take an old round picture frame, paint it a bright color, and fill the inside with corks, in the same way, using something as a backing. The result is a homey, unique way to store shopping lists and neighborhood newsletters. Be sure to use a strong glue like Loctite, so the pushpins do not pull the corks out as you remove and replace them when pinning. 

Here are 5 easy craft ideas that can be done with minimum supplies at home and by all ages! What better way to use up some of your time?

Final Thoughts on Craft Ideas

What better way to use up some of the spare time while we are still in winter weather and maybe on lockdown than to use these 5 craft ideas and create some new projects for your home and your family. Do you have some other suggestions for quick and easy craft ideas to share with others that may be looking for something crafty to do? Please enter your ideas in the comment box below! I am sure any new craft ideas would e appreciated by all.

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