Why You Should Purchase Land in the Countryside

It is really interesting to look at historical trends for where, and how, people have lived over history versus in the present day. To cut a long story short, the vast majority of people living roughly 100 years ago in the developed world, lived in rural settings in the countryside and had jobs that involved being outdoors or otherwise working the land.

These days, the entire pattern has shifted dramatically, and very few people other than specialists in tree lopping or agriculture really spend much time around nature on a regular basis. Cities are now the default human habitat, but there are a variety of downsides that come with being too ensconced in these man-made environments.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider land for sale if you get a chance.


Why You Should Purchase Land in the Countryside

To Appreciate the Joys of Self-Reliance

Everyone, on some level, feels an innate yearning to be self-reliant – and a large source of self-esteem and confidence is the simple feeling of being on top of things, and being able to handle the challenges that life throws your way, without having to rely excessively on others.

In the heart of a city, though, it is difficult to be – or at least to feel – particularly self-reliant. Your entire life is, by necessity, totally ruled by dependence on large-scale systems and infrastructure, and it is essentially impossible to “live off the land.”

When you live in the countryside, though, the situation is radically different. At the very least, you now have the option to practice a bit of homesteading, have your own well dug, grow some of your own vegetables, and raise some of your own animals.

In other words, you will be better able to appreciate the joys of self-reliance.

vegetable garden


Opportunities for Deep and Rejuvenating “silence”

We live in a very “noisy” time, in the sense that there is always a perpetual vortex of information surrounding us at every given moment.

The famous Norwegian explorer and outdoorsman, Erling Kagge, reckons this is a problem and argues that regular periods of “silence” are necessary in order for everyone to truly get in touch with themselves, and connect with the deeper and more important things in life.

The countryside is naturally a more placid environment than the city and allows many more opportunities for detaching and gathering your own thoughts without perpetual information and feedback from other people and society at large.

The countryside is known for its silence.

It Will Connect You with the Timeless Cycles and Facts of Life

Human communities and populations all around the world lived close to nature for the entirety of history, up until just the briefest moment ago in the grand scheme of things.

One thing this means is that all cultures were developed in the light of this constant contact with nature, and, on some level, we all need that natural “reference point” in order to properly orient ourselves in the world, and to feel a deeper sense of wonder and appreciation for things.

Final Thoughts…

Living in the countryside will simply connect you more with the cycles and facts of life that your ancestors naturally experienced on an everyday basis.

Are you getting ready to look for a new home? Have you considered moving to the countryside? Here are a few reasons why you should.


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