How To Attain The Perfect Country Style Home

I know that many of you share the dream of running a little homestead one of these days. Of course, it can be a bit frustrating when you want to live in that country style environment, but can’t make the commitment to move out to rural property just yet. The good news is that you create a perfect country style home no matter where you are living. Just keep reading to find out how. 

country style home

How To Attain The Perfect Country Style Home


Getting the outside right 


First of all, if you want your property to feel country in its styling, you will need to get the outside of the building right. Of course, that may seem like a bit of a problem if you have a typical modern home that lacks the character of one that is sided with shake, panel or lap. 


You’ll be pleased to find out, however, that even if this the case all is not lost. In fact, now there are some pretty convincing wall paneling products on the market. It is possible to get that country-style home look no matter what your home is made from. In fact, using wall panels means a great look with very little maintenance too. Some are even made from over 50% recycled materials so you really can’t go wrong with this choice. 



Wooden floors & furniture


Once you have the outside of your home countrified, it’s time to consider the interior. In particular, the use of natural materials such as wood can be an excellent choice indeed. The reason is that they will provide a rustic style look, as well as add additional warmth and character to your home. 


With that in mind, take any opportunity to utilize wood in the decoration of your home. From floors and furniture to mantelpieces banisters and even decorative pieces. Of course, installing wooden floors won’t just help your country style home look more rustic but can be a lot more hygienic and easy to maintain than carpets as well. 


Although to make sure you get the most from the wood in your home be sure to keep the tones and treatments of the woods similar. The reason being that this will help you to achieve a more cohesive and pleasant look. 


Comfortable soft furnishings 


One of the most important things about a more country style home is that it contains comfortable soft furnishings and places in which you can cozy up and relax. Of course, there are three ways that you can run with this idea. The first is to go for all white and neutral-colored curtains cushions and throws. This being an approach that will give you a modern shabby chic look. Then there is the option of going for red and black plaid, something that can create a woodland cabin vibe. 


Lastly, you may wish to go for something more eclectic with thrift retro pieces and home-crocheted throws and blankets in a rainbow of colors. A look that can not just give your country style home a funky vibe, but that can be supremely comfortable to live in as well. 



Final Thoughts on a Country Style Home


Now you have some great, yet simple tips, to enhance your current home into the country style home you always wanted. Do you have other ideas to create a country-style home? Share your comments below.



You can use the tips mentioned here to achieve a country style home easily without being on a rural piece of property.

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