5 Reasons Why 2022 is the Year for Cord Cutting: Say Goodbye to Traditional TV

If you have been keen enough, you probably have observed that most people seem to be ditching traditional TV for entertainment. Cord cutting is a trendy phenomenon. It has allowed people to shift from cable TV and opt for alternatives like Over the Air (OTA) Broadcasts or Over the Top (OTT) Broadcasts.

The former allows you to get TV through an antenna while the latter and the most popular use streaming services. But what makes cord cutting a viable alternative this year? Keep reading to find out.

Modern television

Using Cord Cutting for Cutting Costs

Traditional TV options such as cable TV have become pricey. The cost seems to rise every year. Streaming options present a cheaper and more affordable way of entertainment.

With streaming, you also get to pay for what you want. You don’t have to pay for Disney shows if you don’t watch Disney shows. There are even workarounds to help you watch PPVs shows like UFC for free.

Traditional TV does not give you this choice. You have to choose a package that satisfies your interests and deal with whichever other content comes with it. With the streaming service, you can save some money. 

You can share accounts on platforms like Netflix. That is another way you can save money. With the $15 per month plan, you can create up to six accounts and use four different screens to stream simultaneously.

People want to get value for their money. Even though cable subscriptions keep rising, they do not translate to better value. 

Cord Cutting Allows More Choices and Freedom

Yes, traditional TV may give you access to hundreds of channels. But truth be told, streaming platforms offer much more content. If you are lucky enough to have the best vpn for streaming, then your experience will be all the more enjoyable.

For instance, with Hulu, you can get access to shows that are currently running or those off-air. With Netflix, you can get original and fantastic content. 

People are now in favor of streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, etc. These platforms offer many entertainment options, and that is just the start.

YouTube TV and Sling TV are direct cable replacement services that stream live channels, news, and sports. 

With these options, you can typically be entertained with just an internet connection, built-in apps on your smart TV, or through a cheaper streamer like Amazon Fire TV or Roku. This causing more reason for cord cutting.

Netflix on television as a result of cord cutting

It is More Flexible

Another reason you will see many people cord cutting this year is due to how flexible it is. You do not only get to access content through your TV but also from portable devices like a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Streaming services have available apps, which come in handy, especially for travelers. You can download content and watch it later, even without an internet connection with streaming platforms.

Some have content exclusive to certain countries, but you can always work out this issue with a VPN. 

With cord cutting, you are not bound by any contracts, and you can always cancel a subscription that doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

There is Variety and Better Content

This may be a judgment call, but still, we can argue that streaming services have better content. Think about the shows and movies you can watch.

Most of these platforms work towards remaining competitive and developing original programs. If you have a device like Amazon Firestick, then you can install tons of free movie apps that offer hours upon hours of entertainment.

Since such developments require a lot of money, these platforms have no option but to give users the best content for returns. Cable has plenty of good content, but more recent times have shown a shift to streaming platforms.

Modern Television

To Deal with No or Fewer Advertisements

If there is one thing that cable users want to say goodbye to, it is the ads. For the most part, ads must be the most annoying thing about cable TV. Some of these advertisements frustrate users who find them boring, silly, and time-consuming. 

Some streaming services have no advertisements, and that is a huge boost. Even for those that include ads, there is an option to upgrade and get rid of the ads.

Live TV streaming services have ads since they work like cable. However, they have a cloud-based DVR service with which you can record your favorite shows or pause live TV to skip the ads.

YouTube TV may impose non-skippable ads, so in that case, you have to deal with them.


Cord cutting can be a significant improvement, especially for those tired of cable and its antics. With the benefits it has to offer, you would see why this year will see cord cutting revolutionize the entrainment industry.

If you haven’t tried cord cutting, it might be time you did and see if it’s the right move for you.

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