Cool Treats to Beat the Heat on Your Homestead

Beat the heat this summer with some cool treats for both you and your kids on the homestead. the hottest days are here for some homesteaders and coming for others.

Sometimes we just need a good getaway idea to get away from the homestead and the heat, and sometimes we need to find ways to beat the heat while on our homesteads. Use the recipes below for cool treats you can make easily on your homestead to beat the heat and stay cool all summer long.

ice cream in a glass bowl

Beating the Summer Heat

Staying cool is sometimes such a challenge on the homestead in the heat of summer. No woman ever said “Let me turn on the oven and cook and/or bake!” in the middle of summer.

Instead. most women are looking for ways to keep themselves as well as their families cool with simple cool treats. Preferred are the one’s that require no baking.

Most of us are also looking for ways to stay cool other ways too. Sometimes we do not have the luxury of air conditioning especially if you are living on an off-the-grid homestead.

Kids eating popsicles on the stairs

Staying Cool on the Homestead Ideas

Staying cool when the temperatures hit above 85 degrees is no easy task. The heat makes us cranky and miserable. It seems like the heat of summer is when everyone wants a pool, a lake, or even a hose just to cool down for a bit.

With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with some great ways of keeping cool during the blazing heat of summer.

kids playing in sprinkler to beat the heat.

Here are some great ways to stay cool on the homestead whether you are looking for yourself or looking for ideas for your family.

  • Take a cold shower
  • Use an ice pack or cold rag while working
  • Use a fan to circulate the air in your home
  • Leave the oven off and grill outside
  • Wear less clothing, try cotton
  • Make cool treats
  • Play in a sprinkler
  • Find a body of water and go swimming
  • Go shopping, you don’t have to buy anything but stores are air-conditioned
  • If you have to be outside, try and stay in the shade during the hottest the of the day

Cool Treats Recipe Ideas

If the above ideas do not seem like enough, then try these tasty cool treats to stay cool on your homestead this summer. These treats are safe for both children and adults. Sometimes those cool treats are just what you need to cool off, after all, we try and cool off on the outside, why not on the inside too?

2 bowls of frozen yogurt

Frozen Cool Treats from Around the Web

Cool Drinks from Around the Web

mint tea

Cool Desserts from Around the Web

 Beat the heat on your homestead with these "cooling" activities and cool treats you can do at home!

Final Thoughts…

Summer can be brutal. The heat is a tough one to deal with! However, by trying the suggestions for activities mentioned above with a combination of the cool treats recipes, you are sure to cool off both on the outside and the inside!

What do you do to escape the heat on your homestead? Do you have other cooling activities to share? Do you have some cool treats recipes to share? Mention them in the comments below so others can try these too!

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