Things to Consider Before Converting Your Basement

If you have a basement in your home, you may think that the time is right to convert it into space which is going to be more useful for the whole family. However, this can end up being a big and complicated project if you are not careful. And certainly, one that you don’t want to rush into.

So, you need to take a step back to really consider whether you have thought through the ramifications of undertaking a project such as this one. Here are a few essential points which you need to consider before converting your basement.

converting your basement


Things To Consider Before Converting Your Basement




How Deep Can You Dig?


Do you have an already completed basement space or do you need to dig deeper? Many period properties have lower ground floor areas which are more natural to extend down into. However, modern properties tend not to be built in quite the same way, so it is worth getting some professional advice to decide whether or not what you are doing is going to be viable. An architect should be able to tell you everything that you need to know.



Look into Permissions


Though you may not need quite the same level of planning permission as getting a full extension – there are still likely to be some permissions that you need to obtain before progressing any further. There is no point planning out the whole job, only to find that you cannot progress any further due to some neighbor objections or something similar.

converting your basement


Make Sure That it is Dry


Thanks to the rapid march of design innovations, the basement can end up being a space which is perfectly warm and dry. But with so many different options out there, you need to consider which are the right ones for you. Things like a wood laminate underlayment are certainly worth considering. Again, unless you are an expert in this field, it is worth taking some professional advice on the matter.



Light the Way


If you are not careful, your basement can end up being a very dark and dingy environment. You need to make sure that you are considering the lighting in your initial plans. If you can get natural light into the room, this is always going to be a bonus. Essentially, everything comes back to what you are going to be using the room for in the first place.

converting your basement


Furnish it Wisely


Once you are approaching completion of the design parts of the job, the time has come to look closer at furnishings. Most basements are decorated in a minimalist style. Make sure the furniture is comfortable

converting your basement



Converting your basement can end up being one of the most rewarding jobs that you do in your home. However, you need to make sure that you do it properly. These points are just a few of the main ones that you need to consider before rushing into completing a major job such as this one.


Some elements of converting your basement need to be taken into consideration before you start.

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