How To Have Consistency With Your Home Decor

Thinking of re-doing your interior in one theme and style only? Well, it’s not as easy as you might think. The number one hurdle is understanding how consistency matters to this approach not just from room to room, but all around your house. The hallway, landing, stairs and even your garden should also be subject to your chosen style. Decor pieces need to reflect your artistic choices too. But since they are often not designed with any particular style in mind you need a good eye to spot what would work and what wouldn’t. The art of managing consistency is highly respected among professional interior designers because it’s complex and needs concentration to be successfully pulled off. But it’s not rocket science and here’s how you can begin.

Living Room with consistent Ivory Tones

How To Have Consistency With Your Home Decor


The largest surface area

Without a doubt, the walls of any home will have the largest surface area for you to play with. They are pretty much just large canvases for you to express your own personal style on. You can have some wallpaper that reflects what you want but other times you should stick to a color palate that you want. For example, hiring professional painters to work on the walls and have a consistently smooth shade is a great option. If you want a room that is mainly green, then you can have the wall in a series of tones and shades. Maybe you want one slightly darker than another, or perhaps varying shades for different parts of the wall.

Having consistency in your home decor will allow your homes decorating to flow seamlessly.

The underlying theme

Material choices are number one on the list of theme consistency. For example, if you’re going with a more down to earth vibe around the home you’ll probably have more brown tones along with natural plants sitting around. However, you’ll also want to use subtle materials like wood for things like your staircase, your dining table and doorknobs to name a few. If you’re going for the futuristic style then perhaps see-through plastic for your tables and chairs is a material worth having. Maybe you want something more contemporary and classy. So make good use of glass for your dining table and larger windows as well. Material choices really do show how committed you are to your theme.


Decor design

The style of your furniture is going to reflect your style to your guests perhaps more than anything else. It’s one of the things they will interact with the most. So being consistent in your choices of what is going to be included in your home needs to be carefully thought of. If you’re going for a French decor style then you must look for early-modern Baroque sofas. Maybe you want something that’s a bit more vintage then a yellow sunny art-deco sofa is more your liking. For a traditional style, you will want to get to know the various Chesterfield options for chairs and sofas instead. Half the battle is learning the style, to begin with. So be prepared to do a lot of research before buying.


There are so many things you need to do to keep your home consistent with one chosen style. Painting the walls is one of the first on things on the list. But choosing the right decor pieces is a close second.



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