The Valuable Advantages of Condensing Boilers

Conventional boilers have been in use for decades. Contemporary, energy-efficient options have been around for quite some time now. The majority of homeowners have no idea that their household doesn’t have to suffer at the hand of a heat-only boiler. 

Traditional boilers are cumbersome and difficult to install. The upkeep and running costs over the years coupled with increased utility bills are good for your budget. What’s more, it’s not like they are energy-efficient by any stretch of the imagination.

Simply put, this was a simple invention for a simpler time. But now the time has come for a positive change. Here are the key advantages of condensing boilers. These can help you make long-term financial savings while aiding the preservation of the environment.

The Principal Advantages of Condensing Boilers  

Lowered energy bills

It should come as no surprise that condensing boilers can help you save hundreds of dollars per annum. This is due to energy efficiency being the leading benefit of contemporary condensing units.

Turning fuel into usable heat is a complex process when traditional heating systems are in place. The condensing boiler uses its large heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer from the burner and recycle energy back into the condenser.

This means that energy savings are guaranteed with a condensing boiler. This leads to far greater operating efficiency as opposed to its traditional counterpart. Homeowners can expect to recoup upwards of 200 dollars annually. This is by heating up their homes and water with a condensing boiler.

Increased lifespan and durability

Unlike traditional water heating systems, condensing boilers, as well as their elements, are built to last and stand the test of time. Boasting a non-corrosive heat exchanger made of stainless steel, these units can go years without any sign of corrosion or wear and tear. This leads to a greatly increased lifespan of the unit. That means better reliability across the board.

Condensing boilers are also convenient because you needn’t wait for the hot water cylinder to refill, making hot water readily available whenever you need it. Coupled with energy recycling, this on-demand feature will ensure excellent heating, longevity, and long-term financial savings.

condensing boiler

Preserving the environment

Increased financial savings and environmental preservation seem to go hand in hand when it comes to modern household appliances. Using an energy-efficient condensing boiler will allow you to cut your household’s carbon footprint by as much as 1,220 kilograms of CO2 on an annual basis. This effectively helps in the prevention of climate change and global warming.

Contemporary condensing boilers can achieve as much as 98% thermal efficiency. Therefore, virtually eliminating energy waste caused by heating in your home, and rendering traditional systems, which can recoup only 70% of energy. These benefits alone are enough to put the condensing boiler on the map. But there are other advantages homeowners will also find appealing.

Lower space requirements

There is no way around it – installing a traditional boiler will take up a sizable part of your living environment. This is why the majority of households choose to store their unit in the basement.

This is not the ideal environment for a boiler. The costs associated with constructing a plumbing network for the rest of the household can be sizable. The sheer size of the exhaust and flow pump mechanisms required for the unit to function properly can require serious interior renovations as well.

On the other hand, contemporary condensing boilers are also designed with space savings in mind. This allows you to squeeze a powerful unit almost anywhere. This is why these models are a popular option in kitchen layouts. Also complete water heating systems in large homes. These boilers can be vented through a wall or the ceiling. This allows you to save room and avoid costly installation.

condensing boilers

Ease of use and better temperature control

Traditional boilers are oftentimes equipped with the most basic of controls such as an ON and OFF switch, and a crude temperature gauge to give you a rough indication of the temperature levels inside the tank. This gauge can have between three and six temperature settings. These alone are not enough to allow you to scale your energy use and optimize your hot water system.

With outdated temperature controls, you are looking at inaccuracies as well as an inflated energy bill. However, a condensing boiler aims to eliminate these problems by meeting the heating needs of your household. This happens through on-demand features and numerous settings, energy recycling, and lowered environmental impact.

Here are the key advantages of condensing boilers that can help you make long-term financial savings while aiding the preservation of the environment.

We live in a world where energy efficiency is paramount for the preservation of the environment. Homeowners should search for new solutions to their water heating needs in order to reduce their household’s carbon footprint. It just so happens that eco-friendliness is a by-product of a condensing boiler. Its main benefits aim to help you make long-term financial savings while enabling hot water in your home whenever it is needed.


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