A Community Garden and Allotments – 2 Great Alternatives to Gardening

More people than ever are choosing to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. But often, your home lacks the growing room necessary for a garden. Securing space in a Community Garden or an Allotment is a great way to explore your love of gardening even when there just isn’t enough space at home.

Allotments are sometimes referred to as aCommunity Garden, and are plots of land that belong to communal spaces.  In most cases, they are large acreages that are subdivided into individual or family plots. Allotment plots are usually rented or purchased, and are individually cared for. A Community Garden offers smaller spaces to garden, and may be maintained collectively. 

Either way, you have your own little patch to do with as you will. However, you cannot use it to make a profit or money. The land is for you to grow your own produce and keep well maintained.

Find your happy place in a Community Garden or on an Allotment

community garden and allotments

Growing Vegetables

Growing vegetables is a lot of fun. Even individuals with very little growing experience can enjoy growing potatoes or carrots as very little care is needed to be sure of a bountiful crop. Having an Allotment or space in a Community Garden gives you the chance to grow heirloom and rarer varieties of vegetables in a wholly organic way. You could choose to have a go at Crown Prince squash or Touchon carrots, a variety that dates back from the 1800s.

These vegetables taste better because you have grown them yourself. You use no pesticides and can get your vegetables from field to fork in less than an hour. There’s nothing more fulfilling and happy than growing your own produce to eat.

community garden and allotments


On an Allotment, you can also build yourself a potting shed and greenhouse to help you grow fruit and vegetables that require an artificially created climate. Chili peppers, melons, pineapples, avocados and aubergines can be grown within a heated greenhouse. Growing from seed is relatively cheap too.

Companies that specialize in the highest quality organic seed with great germination rates start from just a couple of dollars for twenty or thirty seeds. Strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruits can also be grown depending on the conditions. And who can forget the apple orchard or pear trees that you might want.

Think about what you want out of your Community Garden or Allotment and plan it out. Draw it and enjoy experimenting with the food that you like to eat. There is nothing more fulfilling or fun than growing your own produce.

In a Community Garden, you can still raise the heirloom varieties of vegetables, and use companion planting to maximize a small space.  Smaller fruits, such as blueberry shrubs and strawberries can be easily incorporated into your space as well. Or, if you choose, you can grow an herb garden filled with culinary and medicinal herbs.

community garden and allotment


If you have space, many Allotments allow you to keep animals. In some areas, Allotments are so large you can keep a flock of hens or even smaller livestock such as goats, sheep or an alpacas or two. Hens are great to give you eggs every morning. A happy hen is a laying hen!

You can find out more about alpacas and their stunning fleece quality. Having a couple on your allotment can bring you great joy. Ensure that if you plan on keeping animals that they are sheltered and looked after.

This may mean spending more time at your allotment and spending more money on your animals. Vaccinations, worming treatments and grooming are all bills that you need to consider.

Your happy place on your Allotment or in your Community Garden can help you with anxiety, stress, and the surreal world that is currently dealing with a global pandemic.

You will also have the benefit of meeting new people who have the same gardening interests as you. Follow this guide and enjoy growing your own food and rearing your own animals on your allotment.

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