Feel Good During Your Pregnancy With Comfortable Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy is a super special time in any woman’s life. And you should want to look as great as you feel. That is why one of the very first (and arguably most important) steps to take after finding out you are pregnant is to invest in comfortable maternity clothing.

Despite what some people may say, shopping for maternity clothing has never been more fun or easier! This is thanks to innovative companies who have put a priority on creating beautiful clothes for women who are going through one of the most important stages of their life.

One of the best places to look for comfortable maternity clothing is through the likes of the  Hatch Collection. They have made it easier than ever to shop for maternity clothing for every single trimester.

Being an expecting mother involves a lot of change, especially with your own body. You will want to get a maternity collection of clothes that ensure you are able to truly grow with your baby. And of course, in the most stylish way possible.

So how exactly can you feel good during your pregnancy with maternity clothes? Well, we are here to share that it is in fact so much more than just clothing. The maternity clothes that you pick not only provide you with the confidence of having a baby bump but equally are designed to support you and your ever-changing body.

To really illustrate just how pivotal of a role maternity clothes play in your pregnancy experience, we have talked to the experts in maternity fashion. They shed their insight into what to look for in a quality piece of maternity clothing. They tell how to create a style that suits you. They also share other top tips and tricks to consider.

Comfortable maternity clothing

Comfort Starts with the Material

One of the most important aspects to really consider when getting maternity clothing is to truly understand the types of material that are being used to make your maternity clothes. In general, you will want to have material that is stretchy, supportive and can mold with your individual and unique curves (and baby bump!).

Because of the elasticity required to have shape-shifting maternity clothes, they tend to create extremely comfortable collections. So the rumors are really true, you can embrace the full level of comfort in your clothes while pregnant. And you can still rock a style that is very much on-trend.

Layering Comfortable Maternity Clothing is the Go-To Hack

There are a lot of different tricks to creating the ultimate comfortable maternity outfit. Many celebrity stylists who have created outfits for their clients have all found that layering tends to produce the best results for both a look and for comfort.

So let us talk about the practicality of layers first. When you are pregnant, your body will be going through a lot of changes. This includes the constant changing of your internal body temperature. Many pregnant women feel the sensation of being cold much more prominently. Therefore it is necessary to be strategic with your outfit. Even if it is sunny out, you may very much wish you had a jacket or an extra layer to keep you warm when you get those chills.

On the other side of it all, layers equally allow pregnant women to feel more in control about how prominent their baby bump is. Many expecting mothers want to keep the baby news on the down-low. Layers help hid the obvious bump that is growing in your tummy. The best way to minimize the showing off your bump with layers is by wearing oversized sweaters or layering up with a trench coat.

Layered maternity clothing

Flaunt It if You Want

But on the other hand, some women feel most comfortable in maternity wear that lets them truly show off and celebrate their baby news. Some of the best maternity dresses are designed to be form-fitting, tight and accentuate the baby bump instead.

From a practical standpoint, the tightness of the maternity dress allows for your lower back and belly to be supported. And from a stylish standpoint, it gives you the opportunity to walk around confidently. Let everyone know you are a mommy to be.

Mix and Match Comfort with Style

Another great way to truly feel comfortable in maternity clothing is to feel confident wearing more athletic leisurewear. For example, you can still rock the sweatpants or yoga pant look. Upgrade the style to casual chic by simply throwing on a sweater or trench coat.

Being pregnant gives you the excuse to be even more creative with your style. You can get away with owning looks that you may have felt you could not have done otherwise. At the end of the day, comfort should always take priority in any outfit you create. So if you feel like it needs to be a sweatpants kind of day, make it a sweatpants kind of day.

Plus, this type of outfit also lets you really embrace stylish and trendy athletic sneakers. One component of maternity wear that is often overlooked is supportive footwear. Especially during the last trimester, many pregnant women experience swollen ankles and feet. This means that you need shoes that really support this part of the body.

Layering comfort with style

Rock the Solid Color Scheme

Another great way to feel comfortable in your maternity wear is by going for the solid color look. And by this, we do not necessarily mean that you should only wear black all day, every day.

While, of course, you can still flaunt the black ensembles during pregnancy, many maternity clothing collections have created monochromatic looks with other hues that are motherhood friendly. So you could equally embrace the full blush look too.

Conclusion on Comfortable Maternity Clothing

In general, the priority for your maternity wear collection is to be as comfortable as possible. But comfort does not mean you have to compromise your style. In fact, it is all about balance. Because if you feel great and look great, you will be able to channel all your positive vibes and energy into the next chapter of your life—motherhood!

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