How to Create A Unique DIY Coffee Table

Decorating your home can feel daunting and overwhelming. All the choices available today can leave you wondering where to begin. Or, if you are looking for something unique or specific to your home, the whole process can be frustrating as you find options that are close but not quite what you want. So how do you go about making your space feel like yours without pulling your hair out? What better place to start than with a piece predominately displayed at the center of any living room, the coffee table.


Nothing is more unique and personal than something you make yourself. When you create something for your space, no other home will ever have something quite the same. You can do something easy like artwork, or for those with a bit more experience and daring, you can create your own furniture.


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How to Create A Unique DIY Coffee Table



Refinish an Existing Table


The simplest way to DIY a piece of furniture is to refinish an existing one. Start by removing any hardware, drawers, and doors. Keep any hardware you will use again together in a labeled bag. Clean the table well and check the material.


Different materials need different prep work. Solid wood tables need to be sanded smooth to remove any old varnish, wax, or glaze. Particleboard or plastic need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and oils. While a high-quality bonding primer is a good idea for any painting job, it is a must for smooth, slick materials such as MDF, laminate, or plastic.




Stain or paint the table to suit your home. Stains generally do not require sealing, but many paints do in order to hold up to frequent use. Wax can do well, but for maximum protection in high traffic areas or around children, polycrylic is best.


Make sure you get polycrylic! Polyurethane is sometimes used instead, but it will yellow over time. Use polycrylic to protect your work without yellowing. For best results, use three to five coats, sanding lightly with fine-grit sandpaper between each coat, and allow it to cure for a full fourteen days after the last coat is applied before reassembling and using the table.



Build a Custom Table with a Kit


Take the finishing tips given above a step farther and build your own table using a kit. This option gives you the pride of building your own table without the need for specialized tools, and it is a perfect choice for mid-level DIYers. Simply, choose the style you want, build it, and customize it for your home.


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Build a Display Table


If you have artwork or a collection you want to display and aren’t afraid to build from scratch, this idea is for you. Start by finding a reclaimed window the size you want your table to be, and in good condition, at a thrift store or junkyard, clean it well, and prep it for refinishing later.


Measure your window to determine the number of materials you will need for the rest of the table. You will need plywood, one or two 2 x 4’s, a miter box and saw, wood glue, finishing nails, caulk, table legs, and a set of hinges.


Measure your 2 x 4’s and mark out the lengths of each side. Miter your sides at 45 degrees, so each side will line up to create a 90-degree corner. Glue and clamp the sides together before securing with nails. Cut your plywood to fit within the frame. Glue it into place and secure with finishing nails. Affix the legs to the base of the table.


Use caulk to seal the seams. Sand smooth once the caulk has dried and paint or stain the table base and window. Attach the window to the top of the table with the hinges, spacing them evenly from the sides.


If you painted your table, seal it using the instructions in the first section.


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Final Thoughts on Creating a Unique Coffee Table…


DIY coffee tables are a perfect way to put your own personal touches on your home. No matter your skill level or comfort doing it yourself, you can find a project to suit you and your home, and it’s bound to be a conversation starter for years to come.



Looking to create a unique piece for your living space? Use these tips to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table today.




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