Make Some Space In A Cluttered Home With These Important Top Tips

A cluttered home, it happens. Homes become full over the years. Especially if you have kids. Most people are inclined to keep instead of throw away but this isn’t tenable of course. As birthdays and Christmas roll around, as well as general purchases, more and more items, will come into the home. It is not easy to find the space to fit everything, and in some cases, the need for extra storage space, which can be found on websites such as and others like it, is too strong.

This is of course doubles when you have kids. The more people there are the more clutter that builds up. This hurts the appeal of your home and makes it harder to decorate and move things around. It just generally makes life a bit harder to live in. Here are some tips to help you clear that clutter away and take a positive step towards a better home life because of a less cluttered home.

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Think Smarter Storage

Smarter storage is a great way of concealing the items you have. This kind of solution works best for those who don’t really want to get rid of things in their home because they like what they have. This tip can leave your home looking better and make for a less cluttered home which makes work easier for a broker or surveyor if you’re looking to sell. For a start, look at the beds. Can you store stuff under them? If not consider getting a new bed with under-bed storage options.

You can not see the stored items so it really declutters your home well. The same for kids’ beds. You can get elevated ones leaving space for storage underneath. You can sometimes get these with sofa’s too and other furniture items. These can drastically improve your home’s appearance and make a less cluttered home.

Sell Them Off

There’s no harm in selling some of the items you no longer want. You will be able to make some money on the side here too which can be used to make life a bit more enjoyable. Think about Amazon and other similar sites which let you sell items if you’ve got a lot of the same to sell or instead, approach the local newspaper with ads if you want to go old school. For those one-off item sites like gumtree can work well too. Just be sure to get a decent price for the things you paid a lot of money for.

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Store Out Of Home 

Self-storage has risen in popularity over the last few years. It will be another expense, usually paid monthly or yearly, but it can significantly reduce a cluttered home for you. If you live in the UK, you may check out Henfield’s self-storage units in London. These storage facilities are secured and low-cost.

Think of that jam-packed garage or loft and what else you could do with space if you managed to get rid of all of the clutter. They usually come in different storage options too so you do not pay for wasted space. The closer the better, of course so do your research. You also need to be aware that you might need to rent a van or truck to transport the items back and forth, so be sure about what you’re moving.

Use these simple but helpful tips to start having a less cluttered home today!

Final Thoughts on a Cluttered Home

No one wants a cluttered home. From kids having too much to just your home needing a good decluttering, the above tips will help you find solutions to having a happier home because of less clutter and more organization. Donate those unused items to charity, have a yard sale, or make more storage right now.

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