How to Clear Out Your Yard To Begin Homesteading

Homesteading and growing your own food doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of space, but you are likely to need to clear out your yard before you start planting. Here are some ways in which you can start to get your outdoor space ready for this big undertaking.

Cut things back

Before you start homesteading, you should take stock of the space you have and try to maximize your yard space as much as possible. Some ways in which you can do this include:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Cutting back shrubs as much as possible
  • Lopping trees – if you have trees that are in awkward places, you may want to consider getting them moved

This gives you a good blank canvas to work with, so you can start planning your own little homestead.

Mowing the grass

Clear out sheds and garages

Homesteading requires tools and storage space, so it’s a good idea to clear out space such as a shed to use for your supplies and equipment. If you already have a lot of stuff in there, consider renting some space in a self-storage in Minneapolis, which will allow you to keep the things you don’t use very often safely tucked away.

Another option to declutter and clean is to hire a removal company like The Junk Takers. They can come to your property and clear away any unwanted junk for you both reasonably and professionally.

Clear out your yard and backyard shed

Get some basic materials together

Even if you aren’t ready to get completely into homesteading and being self-reliant, you could start getting some supplies together for when you are ready. Many people who are into prepping will store seeds and other equipment in a safe place, ready for when they need to homestead, so start getting some things together now for your new hobby and you’ll have all you need when it’s time to start.

garden equipment

Draw up a visual plan before you clear out your yard

Drawing up a plan is a good way to decide how to use your yard and allows you to fit the most into a small space. Measure your yard and make a plan, to scale, of where everything will go. This will also help you think about just how much you can grow and whether you could turn your homestead into one that’s self-reliant.

Clear out a yard to make a landscape plan

Make some space for fun stuff too

While homesteading can change your life and is a great way to become self-reliant in difficult times, it’s important to have some outdoor space that’s just for you too. Try to keep a little space for a patio, so you can sit and enjoy the view, or make a space for the kids to play.

There are many ideas online for creating the perfect small yard. Many homesteaders will stuff their garden with plants, but you should also be able to enjoy your outdoor space and nature too.

backyard seating

Final Thoughts on How to Clear Out Your Yard

If you want to take up homesteading, then preparation is key to ensure that your outdoor space is ready for this kind of project. Many suburban yards can be transformed into growing spaces with the right preparation, so if you’re willing to sacrifice some garden space, you could grow your own food and live a completely different lifestyle.

 Before you start homesteading and start gardening you should clear out your yard to prepare for your journey. Here are some tips to make it easier.

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