Cleaning Hacks For Pet Owners With Allergies

If you are allergic to your pet but you want to keep it, there is a straightforward decision that many people neglect…learn some cleaning hacks.

Cleaning your entire home and doing it more often than most people. No one said it’s going to be easy. However, the important thing is that it’s possible for you to enjoy the company of your pet.

Here you’ll find a few cleaning hacks which you can use to decrease the number of your allergy attacks.

Person dust mopping with a dog

Clean the entire home

To reduce allergens, people with pets must clean much more often than other people usually do. So, doing this as often and as thoroughly as possible can ensure there will be much less dirt and dust that can trigger your allergies.

By doing so, you can enjoy your pet as well as safeguard your health at the same time. As well as that, you will improve the conditions in which you are living, and you’ll get more resistant to viruses.

So, where do you begin?


Usually, the couch is one of the places where pets spend most of their time. Therefore, you need to clean it deep regularly.

One quick caveat: check the care label of your couch before you start cleaning it.

You can fill a bucket with warm water and add several drops of liquid dish soap. After that, use a soft-bristled brush and brush the surface of the couch. Finally, you need to wipe it with a dry cloth.

Vacuuming your couch thoroughly with the upholstery attachment is the best option to remove pet hair. If you get a crevice tool, you can also vacuum along the seams, where there’s usually hard-to-get-out pet hair. Opting for furniture brushes and sticky rollers is also a good idea.

Dog on a couch


If you have allergies, the best decision is not to let the pet in your bedroom. After all, you need to have some pet-free areas in your home if you are allergic to them. However, if this is not possible, the best thing you can do is to clean your bedroom deeply as often as you can.

Also, you need to take care of your bedding. The best practice is to change your bed sheets every few days and to run them in very hot water.


Even if you use a mattress cover, you still need to vacuum your mattress every now and then. 

The cover is not a shield and does not protect the mattress completely. Remove it, and after that, vacuum the mattress thoroughly. Also, the cover should be thrown into the washing machine on a regular basis.

Dog on a bed


Carpets are magnets for all kinds of dirt, dust, and pet hair, which is very bad news if you have allergies. That’s why it’s best to completely remove them and opt for hardwood floors, if possible.

If you absolutely must have a carpet, it’s better not to have a wall-to-wall one. However, if you must have a carpet, you need to vacuum and wash it frequently and follow all the cleaning and maintenance rules. If you have rugs wash them in hot water. It is best to steam clean the carpet from time to time.

Pet’s bed

Wash your pet’s bed every week. Also, wash his water and food bowls and don’t forget to clean around them as well. As we know, pets are good at spreading germs. Thus, the allergens spread, too.

Dog on a pet bed


To protect yourself from allergies, there is one very easy hack that you can use. 

Change the filters of your AC more often than recommended. It is also a good idea to use professional duct cleaning from time to time. Thus you’ll ensure you will improve the air quality and create an allergy-free environment.

Another thing to consider is buying an air purification system. Ensure it has a HEPA filter as that makes it possible to remove the allergens from the air, which are responsible for triggering a reaction. 

Normally, placing an air purifier in the room the pet frequents the most is what’s going to have the most positive effect.


No matter how much you clean after your pet, your home still has that specific smell. Only pet owners are familiar with it. 

There is a way to get rid of it, however. Spray some baking soda on the bed of your pet. Leave it to soak up for a while, and then vacuum it. Baking soda is an excellent absorbent of unpleasant odours, so you can virtually use it anywhere for this purpose.

baking soda for dogs bed

Dust mask

Another good idea is to wear a dust mask while vacuuming. Vacuum cleaners stir up allergens that have settled on the carpet and make them even worse. So, wearing a mask is a great idea when you’re cleaning your home.

Use professional cleaning services

Keeping a pet when you have allergies can be hard. However, if you want to keep it, you need to clean your home deeply every week, and you’ll have much less trouble.

An even better idea is to employ home cleaning services regularly, if possible. By doing so, you’ll ensure that everything is cleaned up to the highest standard and that no allergens are left. And, let’s face it, we all deserve to give ourselves a break from all the hard work from time to time, and you are no exception.

Not only that but professionals will do all the cleaning chores for you, which can safeguard your health against allergies and save you some of the time it takes to clean and look after your pet.

Professional cleaning service


Having a pet and enjoying their company can be rather difficult if you have allergies, but it’s not impossible. If keeping them in your home really means all that much to you, then implementing these tips is simply a must. You will never remove all the allergens in your home, but you will definitely be able to enjoy your pet’s company if you follow all these tips.

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