Most Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Cleaning A Pool

A crystal-clear pool on a scorching summer day is an inviting sight that beckons us to dive in and beat the heat. But to maintain that pristine condition, regular cleaning is of utmost importance. 

Cleaning a pool might seem like a straightforward task, but there are several common mistakes that pool owners often make, leading to subpar cleaning results and potential damage to the pool equipment. 

In this blog, we will discuss the most common mistakes you should avoid while cleaning your pool, ensuring a sparkling oasis for your enjoyment all summer long.

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Neglecting Regular Maintenance:

One of the biggest mistakes pool owners make is neglecting basic pool maintenance. It’s essential to establish a cleaning routine and stick to it. Skipping regular maintenance tasks such as skimming debris, brushing the pool walls, and emptying the skimmer baskets can result in a buildup of dirt and algae, making the cleaning process more challenging and time-consuming in the long run.

Improper Chemical Balance:

Maintaining the correct chemical balance is crucial for the health of your pool and the swimmers. Incorrectly balanced chemicals can lead to irritation in the eyes, itchy skin, and even algae growth. It is vital to regularly test and adjust the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels to keep the water clean, clear, and safe. Investing in a reliable testing kit or seeking professional advice will help you avoid chemical imbalances and their consequences.

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Overlooking Filter Maintenance:

The pool filter plays a vital role in keeping the water clear and free from debris. Neglecting filter maintenance can lead to clogging and reduced filtration efficiency. Clean or backwash your filter regularly to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, remember to inspect and replace the filter media as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain its effectiveness.

Failure to Address Pool Equipment:

Pool equipment, such as pumps, heaters, and valves, should not be ignored during the cleaning process. Regularly inspect and clean these components to ensure proper functioning and prevent potential issues. Timely basic pool maintenance can save you from costly repairs down the line. Clear any debris that might obstruct the equipment and check for leaks or unusual noises that might indicate a problem. 

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Incorrect Vacuuming Techniques:

Vacuuming the pool is essential to remove dirt and debris that sinks to the bottom. However, many pool owners make the mistake of using incorrect vacuuming techniques, resulting in poor cleaning results. Always start at the shallow end and work your way towards the deeper areas. Move the vacuum head slowly and methodically to ensure thorough cleaning. Avoid excessive speed, as it can stir up debris instead of picking it up.

Ignoring Water Level:

Maintaining the correct water level is often overlooked but is crucial for proper pool function. If the water level is too low, the skimmer cannot function effectively, and the pool pump may run dry. On the other hand, if the water level is too high, skimming and filtration efficiency can be compromised. Regularly check and adjust the water level to ensure optimal pool operation.

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Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools:

When scrubbing the pool walls and floor, it’s important to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools that can damage the pool surface. Harsh brushes, steel wool, or abrasive cleaning solutions can scratch or etch the pool’s finish. Instead, use soft-bristle brushes specifically designed for pool use. Gentle but consistent brushing will help remove dirt and algae without causing any harm.


Maintaining a clean and inviting pool requires consistent effort and attention to detail. By avoiding the common mistakes mentioned above, you can ensure efficient cleaning, optimal chemical balance, and prolong the lifespan of your pool equipment. Basic pool maintenance and proper cleaning techniques will provide you with a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience all summer long.

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