Advice For The City Dweller Moving To The Countryside

The city is too much for you and you’ve decided that you want to move out and start a new life in the country where you can enjoy the peace and tranquility without all of the hustle and bustle of an urban area. A lot more people are choosing to do that these days but a lot of them get a big shock when they arrive. Living in the countryside is very different to living in a large city and it can be difficult to adjust to the culture shock, particularly if you’ve been a city dweller all your life. Here’s some advice to help you make the most of your rural surroundings.

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Advice For The City Dweller Moving To The Countryside



Know How To Run Your Home


All that stuff that you take for granted like electricity, water and heating are going to be your responsibility if you’re in a particularly secluded area that isn’t hooked up to the national grid and that can cause problems. That means you’ll need a generator to power the house. And you’ll need to make sure you’re buying enough fuel to keep it topped up; if you run out. You’ll be without power until you can get more delivered. You’ll also need a septic tank to handle your plumbing. So make sure you know where to find the local septic tank services that can help you empty and maintain it. If you don’t keep on top of all of this general maintenance, you’ll have a pretty miserable countryside experience.

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Get Involved In The Community


The sense of community in rural areas is one of the things that people love about it. You won’t find that in a big city so now you’ve moved out to the countryside, you should take advantage of it. There are all sorts of local events and organizations you can get involved with. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbors. And you’ll feel that you’re a real part of your new town. If you shut yourself off from that local community, you’re missing out on a big part of what makes rural life so great.

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Get A Car


You don’t always need to drive in a big city because the public transport links are good. But in the countryside, you’ll be waiting a long while for a bus. And the places they’ll take you are pretty limited. If you haven’t got one, get a car. If you don’t have a car to get about in, you’ll soon find yourself feeling isolated and trapped because you can’t get out and go anywhere. Everything is going to be further away in the countryside so relying on public transport can make life very difficult for you.


Give It Time


When you first move out to the country, you might be a bit disappointed because you can’t do all of the things that you’re used to doing in the city. But over time, you’ll find new ways to spend your time. And you’ll come to realize the benefits of rural life. Give it a chance and don’t write it off too soon, you’ll learn to love it after a few weeks.

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When you’ve been a city dweller all of your life, moving to the country will be a big shock. But follow this advice and you’ll soon adjust.


Moving to the countryside is a big change. Here is some advice if you were a city dweller.


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