18 Wonderful And Simple Gifts For Homestead Animals

There is so much joy in exchanging gifts with loved ones and friends at Christmas time. We shop and shop in order to find the perfect gifts for our human friends, but what about our homestead animals? Have you considered giving gifts to them? They may not say “Thank You” but I bet they will appreciate it! Consider a Luxury Pet Salon for your pets!

The biggest question would be what exactly would you even give an animal as a gift? It depends upon the animal. A dog may love a squeaky toy, but a cow would have no idea what it is. (unless you are Julie Murphree, of The Farm Wife, whose cow ‘Elvis’, loved beach balls!) Each gift should be tailored to the species. With that in mind here is a Christmas shopping list for your homestead animals.

Homestead animals deserve santa visits!

18 Wonderful And Simple Gifts For Homestead Animals

Christmas Gifts for our Canine Companions

homestead animals- christmas gifts

Our animals are more than just pets. Most are considered part of the family. Pamper them just as you would anyone else on your Christmas list. If you have a small dog that gets cold easily, they may appreciate a sweater. Most dogs just love a squeaky toy or a rawhide treat. However, why not try one of the gifts below for a new way to pamper your canine friend this Christmas.

  • Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit: A complete kit to transform your dog’s pawprint into a keepsake ornament you will treasure even after they cross the rainbow bridge.

  • Christmas Stocking: Don’t let your children be the only ones whose stocking is hung by the chimney with care. Why not let your pup wake up Christmas Morning to his own stocking?

Christmas Gifts for Cats – They are Homestead Animals Too

Christmas gifts for homestead animals should include gifts for cats too.

Rarely considered a ‘homestead’ animal, cats actually work for their room and board.  They make excellent mousers!  Tell them ‘Thank You’ for their hard work with Christmas gifts all their own.

Christmas Gifts for Horses

Make sure to include your horse when buying for your homestead animals.

It’s not just dogs and cats that deserve a gift at Christmas. Too often we forget about our pastured family members. Indulge them with some of these gifts designed just for them.

  • Jolly Pets Teaser Ball: Although originally designed for dogs, horses love this teaser ball too. Treat your horse to this ‘ball within a ball’ and let them have some fun!

  • Derby’s Originals Comfort Kit: Even horses love a good spa day. Why not pamper your horse a bit and allow them to look their best? (Available in many different colors)

Homestead animals deserve stocking too!

Christmas Gifts for Goats

homestead animals

Goats are one of the most loving giving creatures.  Love them back with a few of these goat-friendly gifts!

Grooming kits make great gifts for most homestead animals, especially goats.

Grooming Kit:  Did the horses get a spa day? Don’t leave the goats out! Make your goat look amazing for Christmas and afterward!

Christmas Gifts for Cows

homestead animals

Most cows are gentle souls. They are always there to listen and to offer unconditional love. Return the favor with some of these great gifts!

Large homestead animals will appreciate the protection from flies with this mask!

Most homestead animals love treats, these treats are preferred by cattle.

  • Ranch Hand Cattle Cubes: For cow lovers, this is often referred to as ‘cow candy’. Treat your cow with the bovine version of a box of chocolates!

All homestead animals can benefit from udder balm.

  • Fiebing’s Udder Balm:  Winter, laying on the ground and daily milking can dry out a cow’s udder. Give them some relief with a jar of Udder Balm.

Christmas Gifts for Chickens

homestead animals

Got a flock of chickens? Individual gifts may be difficult to do.  Just present your entire flock with a gift that can be shared!

All homestead animals love gifts that keep them busy like these chick treat balls.

Mealworms are not for all homestead animals but chickens love them!

  • KayTee Mealworms: How about some great treats for your flock? Not only are they delicious, but full of needed protein as well!

Poultry treats area great gift for your homestead chickens

  • Manna Pro Garden Delight Poultry Treats: This is the perfect gift to add a bit of flavor to their otherwise normal scratch grain.  This includes thyme and oregano, which is a great immune booster for your feathered friends.
Here are some great and simple gift ideas for your homestead animals this Christmas!

Final Thoughts on Gifts for your Homestead Animals

This year, instead of splurging on just your family and friends at Christmas, why not treat your homestead animals with gifts designed specifically for them. Although they may not tell you ‘Thank You’ in words, I know they will appreciate getting gifts from ‘Santa’!


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