Choosing New Trendy Wall Decor For 2022

Empty walls are an eyesore? Time to choose the right trendy bulk wall décor and transform the interior! We have collected simple and effective ideas for you to help breathe life into the decor of the room.

Pallet made wall decor

Decorating Walls With Improvised Means

Any improvised materials can be used to decorate the walls. Don’t believe? See examples in the photo above! Trendy wall decor elements from simple wooden pallets are very popular.

With the help of such a building material, you can make beautiful hanging shelves. Put books, vases, flowers, figurines, shells on them – whatever your heart desires! In fact, you can also showcase your academic achievements on these shelves. Simply get your graduation or master’s degree framed and place them on shelves along with vases. If you feel hesitant to use your original degree, you can get a replica master’s degree and use that instead. Nevertheless, it will surely grab the attention of your guests. 

To make elegant hanging shelves, it is enough to have a couple of old boards and a thick rope on hand. Paint them in a nice color with water-based paint. You can also use old boxes, pre-treating the surface with sandpaper.

hanging wooden shelf with rope

1.Interesting Wall Painting Ideas

If you don’t like wallpaper, you definitely need some creative wall painting. We showed the ideas of such trendy wall decor in the photo above.

To make the coating more interesting and embossed, you can use texture painting technology. The pattern is applied to the walls with a variety of means that are at hand. But let’s go in order:

  1. Before decorating, prepare the wall. It is necessary to remove the old paint layer, close up all the cracks, sand the place of puttying and apply a special primer.
  2. Using a regular roller, apply the first coat of paint. Acrylic paint of one basic shade is usually taken. Wait for her to catch up.
  3. Create embossed textures by applying glaze. Use a regular fly brush and press it into the wall to leave unusual marks. Apply frosting with a cloth or dish sponge. You can also use special rollers with a ready-made pattern that can be easily transferred to the wall.
  4. The final touch is the application of varnish or a layer of transparent glaze.
Painted textured wall

2.Brick Wall Decor

Fans of the loft style have probably dreamed of a brick wall in their home for a long time. But what if you have a panel house or do not want to lay out a brick wall at all? Don’t worry, this trendy wall decor can be done in other ways too! Brick imitation is created in different ways:

  • Brick decor: wall tiles
  • Photo wallpaper under a brick
  • Foam or cardboard brick
  • Relief application of plaster
  • Decorative stone – a thin and light plate that imitates the surface of a brick.

Of course, gypsum tiles or artificial stone look more natural and believable. But wallpaper is a cheaper and easier option. You can get these brick wall decor from dhgate cheap.

Brick textured wall

3.Wall Decoration With Photos

Memories are one of the best trendy wall decor options. Photos of relatives and friends always evoke special emotions and cheer up on cloudy days. Use happy frames to set the right accents in the room.

Here are some accommodation options:

  • Genealogical tree. Choose one photo of each family member, from the youngest to the great-grandparents. Draw a tree silhouette on the wall or use a ready-made sticker. Place the older generation at the roots, the younger – on the branches.
  • Photos within. The classic and easiest way to decorate a wall. Use frames of the same style and make a small composition of pictures of different sizes. The larger the room, the larger this collage can be. 
  • Photo garlands. Make a wide “web” of thin ropes or ribbons on the wall. Print lots and lots of small photos (Polaroids work great) and secure them with decorative clothespins.
  • Composition from photographs. Pictures can be placed on the wall in the form of a particular figure. For example, in the shape of a heart.
  • Photos on natural canvas are an opportunity to turn an ordinary photo into a work of art. Such photos look more solid and unusual than ordinary framed photos. Under the paintings on canvas, you can select a separate wall, creating a home gallery.

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