Designer Exclusive: 8 Things to Prioritize When Choosing Tiles

Choosing tiles is not as simple as it looks. There are numerous factors to consider to ensure that you get the best value for your money and the exact look that you desire.

As we’re all about making things easier for you, we talked to experts and asked for tips on how to come up with the best possible tiles for your home. We learned that one simply needs to consider eight critical things when shopping for tiles.

Such eight essential factors that will make tile shopping hassle-free and extremely easy are as follows:

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Designer Tip #1: Your current home aesthetic

Begin with what you have. You should closely observe and evaluate your home’s current aesthetic. You should do an inventory of its current feel and look.

Once such is ascertained, you may then proceed with your design goal by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want tiles that match my current home aesthetic? If you’re looking to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room, Zellige tiles are a great way to do it. You can find more information linked here.
  • Do I want tiles that pop out and look different from my current home aesthetic?
  • Do I want tiles that freshen up my current home aesthetic?

Knowing your design trajectory will simplify your tile-hunting. This is because once you already know what to look for. It’d be easier for you to look for inspirations and pegs from Pinterest and different interior websites.

Designer Tip #2: The size of the room

You should be fully aware of the room that you’re working with. Will it be big or small? Take note of the following when looking for tiles for specific rooms: 

  • If you want to make a room feel bigger, you should opt for large tiles
  • If you want to make your space feel more cohesive, you should use wall tiles
  • Take note that it is not advised by experts for you to use wall tiles on the floor. This is because floor tiles need to be thicker. Wall tiles are usually thin.
  • If you have a small room and you want to make it bigger, choose tiles with light colors. If you’re clueless as to the ratio between tile size and the size of your room, you can consult tiling contractors.
  • Having a large room will give you the freedom of choosing the right color tile for your overall look of your bathroom. 
Tiling contractor

Designer Tip #3: The size of the tile

Once you’re fully aware of the size of the room that you’d be working with, you may then decide on the size of the tiles that you’d be looking for. Tiles come in different sizes that allow designers to come up with their desired look and vibe for a space.

The general rule to remember is as follows: small tiles are ideal for small spaces while large tiles are ideal for large spaces. The following residential spaces often have small-sized tiles:

  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Kitchens 

Designer Tip #4: The color

Choosing the best tile color is pretty exciting! This is where you’d get to consider your personal preference and personality. When choosing, you simply need to be aware of the general feel that you want a space to have.

Do you want it to be relaxing? Serene? Atmospheric? Moody? If you want a space to have a restful feel, choose a tile color that will blend well with the existing colors of a space. Whatever atmosphere you are going for in your home, a lot can stand with choosing the right color, so make sure to take this into account when picking.

If you want a more vibrant feel, choose a tile color that will provide contrast. 

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Designer Tip #5: The grout

To fully achieve your desired look, you should also consider the right grout color. If you want one with a subtle effect, choose a grout color that compliments the color of your tiles.

If you want to highlight the design and lines of your tiles, choose a grout color that will provide contrast. PRO TIP: To prevent staining, always ensure that all grouted areas are properly sealed. 

Designer Tip #6: Lighting

You should also consider the lighting of a space. As a general rule, it’s always ideal to design a space around natural light. As not all spaces are rich with natural light, designers have loads of tricks when it comes to making a space feel lighter and brighter.

One such trick involves tiles. You’d be amazed at how choosing the right tile can easily improve the lighting of any space. If you want your tiles to reflect more light, choose a gloss tile with a light color. 

Glass tiles

Designer Tip #7: Patterns and textures

Your choice of tile patterns and textures will highly depend on your personality and design preference. You can easily choose a polished or matt finished tile so long as it gives off the feel that you desire in a space. Remember the following though: 

  • If you want low-maintenance tiles, opt for glazed tiles. They are very easy to clean.
  • If you want a rustic feel, look for natural terracotta tiles with no glaze. Such tiles have so much personality. 
  • All tiles with no glaze need to be sealed to prevent staining. 

Designer Tip #8: The flow 

Lastly, don’t go crazy. Tile-shopping can be extremely fun and exciting — from researching, color-matching, and purchasing — but you should never forget to observe your home’s flow. You can go adventurous and opt for different rooms with different tiles but keep in mind that your home has a flow.

Ideally, your tiles should match your home’s natural flow. To do this, always ensure that the tile style and color of one room naturally flow with the aesthetic and design of your other rooms.

If you want an idea on how to do this effortlessly, check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s home tour video with Architectural Digest. 

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