Choosing The Most Suitable CCTV System For Your Home

A CCTV system is a must-have device to fight against robberies. It is equipped with a lot of features that will ensure everyone is safe.

Many nations have been reporting millions of burglary issues each year and there is no better way to prevent those crimes than to install security cameras. It will help homeowners to watch over a property all day and gather evidence in case of a crime. 

Nonetheless, CCTVs are also made for commercial use wherein losses are possible. It aids business owners to monitor the staff even from a distance. The camera works for convenience and is a great tool to invest in. 

Security cameras

Different Types of CCTV Systems 

Surveillance cameras come in a variety of choices to cater to every need and also budget. These include:

1. Analog CCTV Systems 

If you are looking for a more affordable type of surveillance camera, analog cameras could be the best choice. It comes with a DVR where you can monitor footage in real-time to catch intruders right away.  Users have an option of whether to save videos on a hard drive or convert them into online streaming. 

The device also features an alarm system to easily notify the household in case of robbery. Some homeowners choose to schedule CCTV operations both day and night for improved protection. 

Analog cameras are widely available in the market and are very common for residential use. It is simple to operate by connecting the camera to a monitor for viewing purposes. 

2. IP CCTV Systems 

IP cameras have more advanced features that require an internet connection to function well. It is pricier than analog cameras but offers a lot of benefits. 

It has a built-in DVR and more flexible storage, unlike analog cameras. This means that households can stream and convert footage all the time without the worry of losing storage space. 

This camera also captures better image quality that benefits households in monitoring strange individuals or objects. It is easy to install and maintain, however, buying one demands more costs. 

ip cctv camera

Features to Consider When Choosing Security Cameras 

The main purpose of buying a security camera is to keep properties away from intruders. However, it does not guarantee zero crime but can help in times of investigating a criminal act. 

Below are the important features you should look for to ensure getting the right CCTV for you:  

1. Type of Installment 

CCTVs are often installed outdoors because these are common areas where intruders seek in. Make sure to position the camera on areas without any obstruction to provide clear footage. Outdoor cameras must be made of tough materials to withstand weather damage. 

While other security cameras are best for indoors to monitor pets and family members when away from home. Such a device is less hassle to operate and also effective in protecting your home. 

Additionally, CCTV systems are wired or wireless. They differ in battery life by which wired security cameras offer no limitation but would stop working due to a power outage. It is more vulnerable to hackers as well and less durable. 

Wireless CCTVs demand battery expenses over time. It is easier to set in concealed spots to monitor every move of the intruders. 

2. Weather-Resistant 

Finding a CCTV system that is durable against all weather is an advantage. Check out the IP rating of the camera before deciding to buy the item to confirm its level of robustness. A higher IP rating indicates high-quality cameras which can defy any source of damage, such as UV rays, insects, and even vandalism. 

camera in rain

3. Style 

Considering the shape of the camera has an impact on its overall performance. For instance, dome cameras are more adequate in scaring away intruders because of their visibility. They are easier to hide than bullet cameras which gives intruders a chance to better run away. The latter also has no zoom function and thus cannot detect strange faces clearly. 

4. High-Resolution Image Quality 

The film quality matters most in buying a security camera. This feature helps to detect unwanted individuals sneaking into your property a lot easier. Most households prefer colored cameras but these are costlier than the black and white options. 

high resolution images

5. Night Vision

Intruders are in favor of low-light areas so as not to get caught easily. Nevertheless, the makers of security cameras develop a night vision to still deliver clear footage even in low-light conditions. The market has to offer infrared cameras to take full advantage of such a feature. 

6. Angle Options 

The camera lens can capture every angle of the property. This is so-called the PTZ or pan, tilt, and zoom feature that delivers footage from different angles. It includes a remote control for more convenient monitoring. 

It is unlike wide-angle cameras that can only cover distant areas up to 40-feet. They are highly recommended for backyard setup. This camera cannot capture objects from various angles, however, it works best in catching intruders from a distance. 

Woman viewing camera views

Final Words 

There are a lot of factors to consider when installing a security camera that Casa Security can assist you with. For example, location plays a vital role in positioning a CCTV system to enjoy its full benefits.

Does the location have network access for the type of camera you have bought? Another is the lighting which can influence the camera’s performance both day and night.

Hence, the installation process can be done faster with the help of professionals who have knowledge and skills in each CCTV system. 

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