Choosing Outbuildings For Your Homestead: A Simple Guide

You probably already know that you could do with some extra usable space on your farm. Although, the problem is that choosing outbuildings for your homestead can be a real challenge. In particular, because there are so many on the market! The good news is you can get the low down on all the main types available in the post below. This is something that should make choosing outbuildings for your homestead a breeze. 

Choosing Outbuildings

outbuiling on homestead

Storage shed

By far, the most simple and low-cost option when choosing outbuildings on your homestead is a storage shed. The benefits of this type of shed include additional room to keep equipment, tools, and supplies dry and protected from the weather and any hungry critters that may be around! 

The great thing about opting for a shed for storage purposes is that you can go for a simple design to put up yourself. You don’t need to worry too much about insulating, heating, or windows either as you won’t be spending too much time in there, yourself. 

Firewood Shed

Another popular option that many homesteaders opt for when choosing outbuildings is a firewood shed. These tend to be open around the sides but have a covered roof to stop the rain from getting to your wood. After all, you will need it to dry out to be able to use it. 

However, it’s essential to think carefully about the positioning of your firewood shed. The reason for this is because it needs to be far away enough from the house not to pose a fire risk to your property. Yet also close enough that you don’t have to do an entire hike to stock up your woodpile! 

Living and working space sheds

In addition to the options above, many homesteaders, when choosing outbuildings, are also choosing to install sheds that provide additional living and working space. Such sheds tend to be a lot less basic than the other options. They are designed to be pleasant spaces in which to work and live. Indeed, more complex and aesthetic designs are often required that will include windows, french doors, balcony decks, and other features.

With this in mind, DIYing this type of outbuilding is not the best idea. Instead, it is much better to find a reliable shed company that can install the building for you. The good news is that many such companies will work closely with their clients to custom design a shed that precisely matches their needs. What this means is that you will get the maximum use when choosing outbuildings such as these. 

Animal sheds 

Last, an option when choosing outbuildings that are common on homesteads is animal sheds designed to provide shelter for livestock. Indeed, there are many different types and sizes available, from simple wooden structures for chickens to large metal barns suitable for cattle.

Of course, the type of outbuilding you choose in this case will very much be dependent on the needs of your animals. That is why it is vital that you do your research beforehand to make sure that any designs or materials will be suitable. 

You probably already know that you could do with some extra usable space on your farm. Although, the problem is that choosing outbuildings for your homestead can be a real challenge.

Final Thoughts on Choosing Outbuildings

When choosing outbuilding for your homestead, the above three choices are the most common types. These outbuildings provide a form of protection for firewood, animals, feed, tools and more. You need to try and decide which of these options is best for you and your homestead.

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