Choosing Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

Bringing a dog into your home when you have kids can be quite daunting. Although dogs are man’s best friend, it is fair to say that some breeds of dog are less suited to the younger of our species than others for a variety of reasons. That’s why it’s so important that you do your research carefully before you bring a four-legged friend home. Doing so will benefit both the dog and your children. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most kid-friendly dog breeds.

kid-friendly dog breeds


Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds



The Bulldog


The bulldog is not only cute as a button, but it’s also one of the most robust breeds there is, which means that it can withstand playing with the most rambunctious of children and have a great time doing so. Bulldogs are generally very loyal and intelligent too. Bulldogs can take the high energy levels as well as the noise. They also can be protective and watch out for your child.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Beagles


Beagles are a beautiful breed, and they do require lots of maintenance to ensure that they stay that way, but if you’re not worried about doing a little more grooming that you might have to with other breeds, they are one of the perfect kid-friendly dog breeds because they’re full of energy. That means they’ll enjoy playing with the kids. They’re incredibly loyal to their pack, i.e. your family, and they love caring for children too.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers are the dogs that you always see playing with kids in commercials. That isn’t just because they’re extremely cute, but also because they are very trainable due to their intelligence. They thrive on human company, and they have an extremely laid back personality. This means a noisy, boisterous child is unlikely to phase them much. That is why they are just so popular and listed as one of the best kid-friendly dog breeds.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are known for being very active – they love to walk and swim. If you’re looking to increase your kids’ activity levels, they are a pretty good choice. Not only will they keep the children busy, but they have many of the same qualities of the Golden Retriever, which makes them the perfect pals.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Newfoundland


This beautiful breed although large is extremely gentle. Originally bred to be working dogs, they are eager to learn and even more eager to please. Despite their size, they aren’t at all imposing. Loyal, sweet and intelligent, they are the perfect breed to have around your children.


The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Originally bred as working dogs, these beautiful pooches are eager to please their masters. They are fiercely loyal to their pack and full of energy. They respond well to command and have all of the stamina you’d expect to find in a terrier. But they are less highly strung than others in the terrier category. Oh, they’re incredibly brave too so that they will look after your children.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Weimaraner


This German breed was originally bred for hunting, but you shouldn’t let that put you off.  Weimaraners – those beautiful silky gray dogs, although being a little mischievous at times, are extremely loyal, very active and despite being a little rambunctious, pretty harmless. Especially if you put them through training – something you should do with any dog you own, especially if you have kids.

kid-friendly dog breeds


The Bull Terrier


Many people think that this breed is aggressive, but that is far from the reality. Sure, they are the favored breed of those who would abuse dogs and turn them into violent killing machines, but for the average family who treats their dog with love and care, they are the perfect pet thanks to their playful and loving nature. They will need lots of walks. And you’ll want to have the kids play with them often. But you should be rewarded by their presence. Contrary to much public opinion, they are one of the perfect kid-friendly dog breeds.

kid-friendly breeds


The Irish Setter


Famous for its stunning red coat, this breed is an energetic and playful people person which will not prove difficult to train and which will always want to be by your side. This does mean you shouldn’t get one unless someone is going to be around for him most of the time. But if that isn’t a problem, your kids will have a lifelong friend in their Irish Setter.

kid-friendly dog breeds



A Note: Although these breeds are all kid-friendly, every dog has a different temperament and it is up to you to access the safety of the situation, It is also up to you to ensure that any dog you bring home is trained to behave safely around your kids and that your kids are taught to behave appropriately around the dog. Make sure your dog has the proper health checks and that your home, as well as your family, is prepared for the newcomer.



You may also enjoy a “complete” parents guide to canine behavior in an informative post by Richard Cross, Chief Editor of titled Kids and Dogs: A Parent’s Guide to Canine Body Language & Safety.  Richard is a parent, husband and dog expert living in New York. He has always loved dogs and has a passion for positive training methods. Richard is currently editor of The Dog Clinic, which aims to teach people how to become better dog parents through positive training and a deeper understanding of canine behavior.


There many kid-friendly dog breeds and choosing the right one for your family should be fairly simple after reading these suggestions.



Do you own one of these kid-friendly dog breeds? Tell me about him or her in the comments below.


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