SUV Or Truck? Choosing A Vehicle For The Modern Homesteader

Choosing a vehicle can be difficult but it is an important decision for the modern homesteader.

There are so many questions that newbie homesteaders have that sometimes the big things get overlooked. Making a break from your old life, packing up, setting up, and generally trying to buy as much upfront to see you through… is a lot to think about.

Fortunately, there are guides to help those who are just setting out on this journey. After you’ve picked the right seeds, tools, insulation, and so on there is one big question left to answer: big car, SUV, truck, or tractor?

Choosing a vehicle for your homestead depends on the needs of that vehicle for your specific purposes.


SUV Or Truck? Choosing a Vehicle For The Modern Homesteader

Why It Is So Important

While some folks get into homesteading gradually it is common to start by making a clean break and setting up as much as you can in advance to start a new life. Things may be financially solid in the beginning.

But there is a very good chance they won’t stay that way. If this is your first time trying to live off the land, you will probably need to dip into the emergency funds in the first few years.

This is a new life that is supposed to support itself. All your big purchases are supposed to last for most of your life and pay for themselves. This includes your vehicle.

While you may be able to have your pick of automobiles to buy now, your surplus finances or credit status may not be as steady after a few years.

What You Need To Consider

This is your life now. You need to see it, plan it, and really think it through. You have probably planned to buy some incredibly diverse and industrial tools for your barn, planning ahead for what you will need later.

The same is true for choosing a vehicle. What will you be using your vehicle for? What will it need to do in the future? How good are you at repairs, and how easy will it be to source parts and fix them?

Will you be using your vehicle off-road for transport or farming? What sort of loads will you be carrying? Before you know what you need to buy, you need to answer all these questions and more besides. Be sure to equip your vehicle for adventure with premium offroad 4×4 accessories, ensuring optimal performance and durability on any terrain

Look at your needs on your homestead before choosing a vehicle for it.

The Case For The Tractor

If you are going to be really working your land agriculturally at any scale you will need a tractor. Even if it is a small one.

If you are only going to be infrequently carrying a large load off-road or towing plows and similar machines then a powerful SUV or truck will do. But honestly, this is what tractors were invented for.

As lovely as the idea of an SUV or truck is for the romance and image, if you are working the land this is the only thing to consider. Modern tractors are amazing machines and highly flexible.

But, like all vehicles, newer ones are less likely to break down, whilst being harder to fix if they do. If you need to work a field of wheat or corn, get a tractor and a large, reliable family car.

Choosing a vehicle for your homestead ca include a tractor.

The Case For The SUV

If most of your driving will be moderate-sized loads off-road then an SUV is ideal. Much like the tractor and the truck, modern SUVs are very reliable and should last for a lifetime.

The problem is that there is so much more that can go wrong. Electronic devices and onboard AI assistants are great, but can you service these things as well as you could an engine from the 80s?

Experts are divided over whether old SUVs are better than new but in reality, it will come down to what you want and need.

An SUV gives you great off-road performance, comfort akin to a family car, and great luggage space. There is such a wide range of SUVs to pick from. It is important to compare them fully before deciding.

If you need to carry larger loads every now and then the large engine size of an SUV will allow you to tow even the largest trailers. You can even have a dashcam installation installed.

You can even have dust and water averted from the motor of your SUV if using it for off-roading. Be sure to install a bt 50 snorkel from Apex 4 x 4 Customes.

Choosing a vehicle for your homestead may include an SUV.

The Case For A Truck

In the past, trucks were reliable but lacking in cabin space. If you had a pick up it was a utility vehicle for hauling moderate to large loads on the tarmac between towns and homesteads.

The truck wasn’t a family car and it couldn’t perform the feats that an SUV or tractor could. Whilst those old trucks had bulletproof and easy to work on engines, they were also small and underpowered.

If you have to regularly haul anything messy, large, or heavy, even if you need to move it offroad, then a truck is the only true option. And don’t worry about the dirt your truck gets covered with you can always use car detailing Toronto to bring it back to its shiny new look!

The modern pickup truck can come with 4 doors, a cabin that is virtually indistinguishable from an SUV, massive load space, a stable wheelbase, and off-road capabilities that can, in some cases, outperform SUVs according to Carzaty website in the UAE.

The catch is that you pay for this. Trucks are often the most expensive option of them all. Picking the right truck is vital when choosing a vehicle in order to make sure you get a companion that will be able to see you through all you will throw at it.

Tires are also sometimes a large expense when it comes to trucks, but it’s still possible to find truck tyres for a reasonable price online when the time does come to replace them. 

When choosing a vehicle for your homestead, sometimes a truck is the wisest choice.

Overall Decision

Homesteading is tough but extremely rewarding. You never know what challenges the future will bring. It is best to prepare in advance with the most flexible option. Many homesteaders look down on SUVs as impractical and a waste of money.

They argue that if you need to work off-road use a tractor. If you need to carry things every now and then, get a car and trailer.

However, if you are sensible and want maximum performance, flexibility, power, and comfort, get a pickup truck. If you can afford it the truck really does make the most sense when choosing a vehicle for your homestead.

What vehicle did you choose for your homestead? Tell me about it in the comments below.

When choosing a vehicle for your homestead it is so important that the vehicle matches the needs of your homestead.

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