How to Choose the Right Size Pillow Cases for Your Pillows

No pillow is right without the right pillow cases. Everything from size, to type of fabric can affect the fitting and the comfort of your pillow case. Finding the right one to complete one, if not all of the pillows on your bed can make your sleep even more restful. And it can keep your skin clear and healthy.

While it may seem like a no-brainer, picking the right size pillow case can come with its own difficulties. Here are some tips on how to choose the right size pillow cases for your pillows.

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Research Your Pillows!

There are two things that you want to avoid when it comes to the size of your pillow cases. First and foremost, you don’t want to get a pillow case that is too small. This is such that your pillows are oozing out the side. You don’t want to wake up with your face on a pillow without a case. This is a great way to cause wear on your pillow, negatively affect your skin, and allow bacteria to seep into your pillow. 

There are a number of differently sized pillows. Make sure you know which ones you have before you buy your pillow case. The standard sizes are classified as follows:


The standard pillow size is 20” by 26”. This is the type of pillow you will usually find on a twin bed or a full. Finding twin sized pillow cases will provide you with the right size for your pillows.


Queen pillows are slightly bigger than standard pillows, but only in the length department. At 20” by 30”, these pillows take up more space across the bed, as they are made for wider beds. While if necessary, you would be able to use a queen pillow case on a standard pillow, you will not be able to use a standard pillow case on a queen pillow.

Queen Sized Bed


King sized pillows are still only longer, simply adding another six inches to the queen size, at 20” by 36”. Similarly to a queen pillow’s relationship to a standard, you could use a king sized pillow case for a queen pillow. But would bot be able to use a queen sized pillow case on a king sized pillow.


A Euro pillow is one of the largest pillows you can purchase, measuring at 26” by 26”. These pillow cases do not work well on any other sized pillow than the one they are designed for.

Euro pillow

Special Sizes.

Lastly, there are a number of special types of pillows that require specialty pillow cases. Tempur Pedic pillows, pillow cubes, and a number of others have become more popular, and have specialty shapes that mandate different sized pillow cases.

For these, it is important to look into specially sized pillow cases. Or, if you have a type of pillow case you like, to find the closest size to that pillow (always lean slightly bigger, rather than risk it being too small.

Body pillow

The Right Material

When it comes to picking the best pillow case, the material can be incredibly important. There are a number of cottons, linens, silks, and other materials to choose from. You can choose attractive colors too, for example, lavender cushion covers look great in your living room.

Which material you choose can help ensure hypoallergenic properties, can make sure that you do not overheat, and can also help with your overall comfort. Sometimes, however, you may find a pillow case that you like. But you may struggle to find one that is perfectly measured for your pillow. This is especially true if you utilize a uniquely sized pillow.

Adjusting a pillow case

Let’s say that you have a tempur pedic pillow, but that there is a pillow case you love that isn’t in the exact size. In this case, you want to find a pillow case that is slightly larger.

You have the ability to fold this over, or even let it tail on the end. Making sure that you measure your pillow. Check its measurements can help ensure that you do not have to return or re-order your pillow case after the fact.

Why the Right Size Matters

Anytime that you can, it is crucial that you get the exact right sized pillow case for your pillow. Folds in your pillow can be great places for dirt to gather, and can leave indentations and creases on your skin.

If you get a pillow that is correctly sized, then you can ensure that it not only feels nice on your skin, but that you prevent any dirt from collecting throughout your sleep. When forced to get an oversized pillow case, make sure that the pillow case is taught, such that it does not fold over or crease, and retains its form. 

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If you ensure that you find the best material, and the best sizes for all of your pillows, you can more easily ensure an uninterrupted, comfortable night’s sleep.

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