Coping With A Child’s Fear Of Doctors

Are you coping with a child’s fear of doctors in your family? It’s actually common for children to be apprehensive of doctors usually.

For some children, seeing the dentist or the doctor is exciting! They talk away to the physical, ask funny questions, and are bright and bubbly.

Of course, it looks slightly different when they aren’t feeling well, but they aren’t too worried more of the time. 

Not all children are great at expressing how they feel or why they are upset. It can be difficult to pinpoint unless there has been something specific in the child’s medical past that required a medical malpractice attorney

There are some common reasons why children don’t enjoy going to the doctors, and often they age out of it. Here are some ways of coping with a child’s fear of doctors.

Child holding mom afraid of doctor


Often we only see the doctor when there is something wrong with us, and it hurts, or for things like vaccines – which also hurt for a moment. 

Children often link the pain they are experiencing with the doctor and decide that they don’t want to go there. It causes a child’s fear of doctors in general.

If the child is a little bit older, it can be easier to explain to them that the doctor takes the pain away rather than its cause.

The Unknown

Sometimes, if you can’t see something or understand something, it can be difficult to make peace with it. Doctors often use medical terms and adult language – although they adjust for children, the initial conversations can be scary for a child. 

When the child hears terms that they’re not familiar with, they may worry that they are sicker than they thought and that they have to have an operation or that they might die. This thought can become even scarier for them (and their parents) when they realize that their child has to be referred to a specialist, such as a pediatric cardiologist, if their heart is the problem. While you know that this will be the best thing for them, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it can be scary, so be sure to choose a doctor that will explain their doings to the child first. 

Children’s imaginations kick in and can significantly impact their feelings. This may also cause a child’s fear of doctors. The same train of thought can be applied to dentists. A child sits in a dental office, hears the whirring of the machines and equipment, and might see people come out with a swollen mouth, looking pained, etc., and this can make them scared.

This is why taking them to somewhere like this pediatric Ironwood Dentistry clinic beforehand so they can scope it out themselves and get used to the area is very important. When picking a dentist, always check and see what they are like so you can make a well-informed decision and take peace in knowing that you are entrusting these dentists with your child’s safety and happiness during their visit.

This reaction can vary depending on whether the child is treated regularly or during their first visit to the doctor. Often children who visit the doctor become more relaxed over time. 

Scared child sitting on doctor office bed


Most of us have trouble understanding death, and children are no different. Although they might understand the concept, they might fill in the gaps with their imaginations.

After all, sometimes people we know go into the hospital but never come out again. It is a logical link to make.

This can be a critical discussion with your child to know that what they are experiencing and what may have happened to relatives are different things. This can prevent the child’s fear of doctors. 

A conversation about death can be difficult, so it can be better to prepare yourself. 


Parents, grandparents, and loved ones are sources of care, support, and safety sources. When children see the doctor, sometimes they need to have tests or procedures and are alone. This can make them upset and worry even higher. 

Separation anxiety is completely normal for children until the age of 6, but unique situations may present the worry again. 

Older children generally understand that you will be back, but younger children can be more difficult to console. 

If your child fears the doctor, it might not be the doctor themselves. Often it is the circumstances that typically revolve around a doctor. 
We hope the worst never happens, but there are also a few ways that you can help support your family’s health. Read this: Your Family Health: 3 Important Ways To Ensure It – 15 Acre Homestead.


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