How to Make Even the Most Chaotic Home Seem Organized and Tidy

One of the easiest ways to tidy up a chaotic home is to select the nearest obstacle and fill it up. For teenagers, this is generally the space under the bed or the closet.

However, when running your own home, this tends to be a far less attractive option. Especially when you have already filled up every area you can think of. And opening a cupboard or closet is like a remake of Indiana Jones and his rolling ball. This is when it is better to attack your problem head-on and get yourself organized.

Messy living room

#1 Invest in Hidden Storage Options

Furniture with hidden storage options supplied by storage furniture specialists is brilliant for the above-mentioned reason. However, to make them work for you, you will have to be organized.

Using certain storage bags where you can suck the air from them once they are filled with clothing, materials, throws, or bedding will compact the size drastically without damaging the contents. This will mean that you will be able to store more items as they will take up less room. 

Of course, not everything you have to tidy away will be suitable for these bags. And, in which case, you can make use of drawer dividers, racking, and shelves hidden in cupboards.

Handy storage furniture doesn’t stop here either. For a messy teen’s room, the installation of a Vertico wall bed could provide your teen with more room to work and relax with friends.

Storage Cabinet

#2 Get the Whole Household Involved

Rather than have just one person tackle the job of keeping everything in order, you should enlist the whole household. This is because one person tidying up after four will not even make a dent in it.

And even if they were to spend all day creating calm from chaos when they turned around, it would be like they hadn’t even bothered to start. By getting everyone involved, you are instigating a new process. Of course, to get it to stick, the effort is going to have to be made on everyone’s behalf to have a less chaotic home.

This will take time and should be introduced slowly. Cleaning up in the kitchen, for instance, as soon as possible after preparation has taken place, such as wiping away the crumbs, washing chopping boards, and any knives that were used. When the meal is finished, washing up should be done before household members leave the kitchen area.

Cleaning the kitchen

#3 Make a New Routine

Once you have started on this, you will need to set a new routine in motion. You can, if you want, set up a chore list and assign names to specific duties. Rotate it every week or so.

However, you will soon find that those less willing to perform their duties will start to lose their enthusiasm. Then, chores will start to slip back into not getting done. Thus the return of a chaotic home.

A far better approach is to spend a designated amount of time each day doing the chores that need to be done together. Dishwashing is far more fun when there is someone with you doing the drying up. And even more so when another person is hunting down dirty crockery from around the house. Of course, the fourth member of the household will be putting the cleaning dried items away in the correct places.

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